HB-101: The Best-Selling Organic Plant Vitalizer in Japan

If you are a house plant lover, there is an organic plant vitalizer that I want you to know, which is an all-purpose plant vitalizer called “HB-101”.

HB-101 is so effective that it will meet your expectations. What is better, since the Japanese plant vitalizer is not a chemical fertilizer, it is safe for animals as well as plants.


HB-101 is an all-purpose natural plant vitalizer that comes in liquid form. It is the best-selling plant vitalizer in Japan and is very famous among plant enthusiasts, both professional and amateur.

Actually, HB-101 is a highly concentrated, 100 percent organic, liquid extract blend from Japanese cedars, pines, cypress trees, and plantain grass.

It is a growth enhancer for bulb plants, root crops, flowers, legumes, fruit plants, trees, vegetables, potted plants, Bonsai, lawns, and the like. In short, the liquid can be used for all kinds of plants.

How to Use

Image: Amazon.com

Before using, you need to dilute the liquid with water. Incidentally, many people water down HB-101 by a factor of 1000, so if you water plants with a 1L bottle, it is enough to put a few drops.

Many users give plants the water-diluted liquid only once a week or twice a week because overusing HB-101 causes the opposite effect.


Plants with HB-101Image: shinchiku-kateisaien.com

Please watch the video above and you can see the benefits of HB-101. According to the video, the main benefits of HB-101 are as follows.

  1. Strengthen the cells within plants
  2. Boost the effectiveness of photosynthesis
  3. Maximize nutrient flow between leaves and roots

Source: youtube.com : HB-101 Natural Plant Vitalizer, Organic Plant Growth Enhancer


If you use HB-101 for a certain period of time, you couldn’t do without the liquid, because with it you can not only harvest delicious vegetables and fruits, but it can also make flowers and leaves have more brilliant colors.


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