Ramune : Classic Tablet-Shaped Dagashi Sugar Candy

When you hear “Ramune (ラムネ)”, what comes to mind? 

I think that many will probably bring Japan’s classic soda pop “Ramune (ラムネ)” to mind.

As a matter of fact, we Japanese often drink the Ramune fizzy drink especially in the hot summer season.

The Ramune drink is definitely sold at summer festivals in Japan, so it is said that drinking the soda pop is one of Japan’s summer traditions.

Ramune Soda Pop, 6 Flavors, 6 Bottles

In recent years, the Ramune soda drinks are available even on online shopping sites outside of Japan, like Amazon.com, and widely enjoyed in the world.

Although the classic Japanese soda pop is also popular outside Japan, do you know there is one more Ramune in Japan?

Ramune Dagashi Sugar Candy 

Ramune Dagashi Sugar Candy

When we Japanese think of “Ramune”, what come to mind are two types of products, that is, Ramune soda pop and Ramune sugar candy.

The latter, Ramune is a classic tablet-shaped sugar candy, which is famous as a “Dagashi (駄菓子)” candy in Japan.

By the way, Dagashi is the word for cheap Japanese snacks and candies and is loved by children in particular.


Traditional Ramune confections, like the above photo, basically consist of Japanese potato starch “Katakuriko (片栗粉)”, dextrose, and citric acid.


Ramune Candies

The Japanese sugar candy is chalky in texture and has a pleasant refreshing flavor that comes from citric acid. When you put the tablet in the mouth, it gradually melts with a slight fizz.


Even now, the Ramune sugar candies are popular in Japan, so some Japanese confectionery makers only specializes in the classic candy.

For example, “Mitsuya Seika (三矢製菓)” is a Japanese confectionery company that has been producing only Ramune candies for over 80 years.

The Japan’s Most Beloved Ramune Candy 

Morinaga Ramune Soda Candy

When it comes to the product brand of the Ramune candy, I think the one produced and sold by Morinaga Seika Confectionery, Morinaga Ramune Soda Candy is the Japan’s most beloved Ramune candy, which has been widely enjoyed in Japan for more than 40 years.

(Reference Page : Wikipedia ラムネ (錠菓) )


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