3 Japanese Toast (Chirimen Jako, Matcha, Nori) to Try

I wrote about Japanese food that matches well with toast before, where I recommended these 3 traditional Japanese foods as toppings for toast, Ogura-An (sweetened Azuki red beans), Kinako (roasted soybean flour), and Mentaiko (salted cod roe).

Nevertheless, I still have ideas on the Japanese food that pairs well with toast, and many Japanese would bring to mind the same ingredients as I recommend here when they think of Japanese-style toast.

3 Japanese Toast Recipes

Now, let me introduce another 3 Japanese foods that unexpectedly go well with toast. If you make toast with one of them, the toast will get a delicious taste that is very familiar to us Japanese.

Chirimen Jako Toast

9b53146631645d86c6afbbf16a924608Image: cookpad.com

Chirimen Jako is small young sardines that have been boiled in salt water and dried. The dried fish and toast unexpectedly make a good pair and the recipe is also simple like this; Put a proper amount of Chirimen Jako fish, cheese, and slices of bacon on a slice of white bread and toast it. With Chirimen Jako, you can make tasty, calcium-rich toast.

Matcha Toast

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When you make sweet French toast, sprinkle Matcha green tea powder over the slice of bread as a finishing touch, which adds a fresh flavor and good scent of Matcha to toast, making the French toast very Japanese.

Nori Toast or Seaweed Sandwich 

20161129-151523-753Image: recipe.yamazakipan.co.jp

The food combo of the dry seaweed sheet Nori and bread became a topic of conversation a few years ago on some Japanese websites, so last, let me introduce the basic way to make the Nori Toast (sandwich).


flowimgImage: allabout.co.jp

  1. Prepare two slices of white bread to make a sandwich.
  2. Drizzle some soy sauce on one side of a slice of white bread
  3. Place a sheet of Nori on the slice and sandwich with another slice of white bread
  4. Bake the sandwich in a toaster oven
  5. Then, take the sandwich out from the oven and spread butter on one slice of the toast
  6. Make a sandwich again with the 2 slices of toast and enjoy the sandwich!


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