Max Vaimo 11: The Compact Stapler Fastens 40 Sheets at Once

The other day, I introduced a handy Japanese stapleless stapler, Kokuyo Harinacs.

As I wrote about it in that article, stapleless staplers, like Harinacs, are superior to general manual staplers in several points.

However, if you need to staple sheets of paper firmly or if you have lots of documents to fasten at once, you should use usual staplers.

In recent years, various kinds of staplers are available on online shopping sites, but I have a Japanese stapler series I want you to know, which is compact, handy and amazing.

Max Vaimo 11 : An Amazing Japanese Stapler

Max Vaimo 11 Stapler
Max Vaimo 11 Stapler

The amazing Japanese product I will talk about this time is Max Vaimo 11, a stapler series of Max, a Japanese company well-known for staplers and office supplies.

Have you ever been frustrated with not being able to staple many sheets of paper at once?

The manual stapler, Vaimo 11 is a compact handy stapler, but amazingly, fastens as many as 40 sheets of paper with just one staple.

Therefore, if you only have this Japanese stapler, you don’t need any big-size staplers in order to staple a lot of documents at one time.

The Difference between Max Vaimo 11 and Other Compact Staplers

Various new ideas have been introduced into the designs and the staples of Max Vaimo 11 series, but when it comes to the main features of the stapler, they are as follows.

  • It is said that ordinary compact staplers can fasten at most 26 sheets of paper with one staple, while Max Vaimo 11 fastens 2 to 40 sheets of paper at a time by using the special staple for the series that is longer than the ones for general compact staplers.
  • Max Vaimo 11 can fasten many documents with light force by using the dual leverage coming from its structure.
  • Compared to the ones fastened by other staplers, the paper fastened by Max Vaimo 11 has a beautiful finished surface thanks to the stapler’s distinctive function called “Flat Clinch”.

Conclusion : Max Vaimo 11 Stapler

Max Vaimo 11 is a handy Japanese stapler capable of fastening many sheets of paper at once. Besides, the stapler is convenient for storage thanks to its compactness.

If you only have a Max Vaimo 11 stapler, you will be able to perfectly staple a bunch of documents with just one staple and light force.


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