5 Recommended Ways to Eat Sashimi Raw Fish Slices

As you know, “Sashimi (刺身)” is a traditional Japanese dish with over 600 years of history consisting of thin slices of fresh raw fish. In Japan, most supermarkets have a fresh fish section where you can find a variety of Sashimi and Sushi assortment packs.

How to Eat Sashimi

We Japanese sometimes buy those Sashimi packs and enjoy at home, usually dipping in Shoyu or soy sauce with a small amount of wasabi or grated Japanese horseradish.

Other than the basic combination of soy sauce and wasabi, there are actually a number of recommended ways of eating Sashimi favored by Japanese, so today I will introduce such eating manners for those who want to try Sashimi in a different way than usual.

Yuzu Kosho

14-3Image: sena-tokusanhin.jp

Made by aging a mixture of rough-cut green chilies, grated Yuzu citrus peels, and salt, “Yuzu Kosho (柚子こしょう)” is a lumpy citrus pepper paste commonly used in the Kyushu region of Japan. The addition of a little Yuzu Kosho, instead of wasabi, imparts a distinctive fragrant aroma and a refreshing spiciness to the taste of Sashimi slices.

Itarian Dressing

Salmon Sashimi with Italian Dressing Sauce

Some Japanese like to eat Sashimi with Itarian dressing, which is a kind of carpaccio. So if desired, combine it with such ingredients as fresh vegetables and cheese.

Matcha Salt 

wP0USImage: pecolly.jp

Matcha Salt is a blend of Matcha green tea powder and fine natural salt sometimes used by chefs of traditional Japanese restaurants. The traditional Japanese salt has a good fragrance and pairs well with Tempura and some kinds of fresh raw fish slices.


c0051620_8301186Image: sabasaba13.exblog.jp

The seasoning combination of soy sauce and mayonnaise goes especially well with bonito Sashimi. In fact, this eating manner is introduced in the popular Japanese Manga series “Oishinbo (美味しんぼ)”.


0bcfcad9080591ae97e9630f125f2dcaImage: cookpad.com

Known as a specialty of Myoko, Niigata, “Kanzuri (かんずり)” is a spicy pungent condiment made by fermenting a mixture of ground red pepper, salt, malted rice, and Yuzu citrus peels, and some Japanese like to eat Sashimi with ponzu sauce and a little amount of Kanzuri paste.


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