Matcha Jio: Traditional Japanese Green Tea Salt

Served in the Japanese tea ceremony “Sado (茶道)”, also called “Chado (茶道)”, “Matcha (抹茶)” is one of the green tea varieties that represent Japan.

The green tea is an indispensable part of Sado, and the tea powder is often used in Japanese cuisine and Wagashi sweets.

In Japan, there are even seasonings and condiments that contain Matcha powder, and what I have now “Matcha Jio (抹茶塩: Matcha Green Tea Salt)” is one of the quintessential examples.

Matcha Jio (抹茶塩: Green Tea Salt)

S&B Matcha Jio Green Tea Salt

Matcha Green Tea Salt

As “Jio (塩: also pronounced as Shio)” is the Japanese word for “salt”, Matcha Jio is a blend of Matcha green tea powder and salt.

The salt used in Matcha Jio is prepared by grinding natural salt (rock or sea salt) in a mortar using a pestle until smooth and fine. 

By the way, it is said that chefs of Ryotei restaurants spend a few hours preparing the salt.

Then, the ground salt is blended with Matcha green tea powder, basically at the ratio of 1 to 1.

So even if Matcha salt isn’t sold near where you live, you can make your own Matcha Jio with this method.


Matcha Jio goes perfectly with Tempura and Karaage.

The green tea salt has a pleasant fragrance, calming the oiliness of the deep-fried foods, making their aftertaste refreshing.

It also works well with Sashimi raw fish slices, especially greasy ones.

Additionally, some Japanese people like to eat tofu, drizzling sesame oil, and sprinkling Matcha salt.


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