Easy Curry Udon Recipe using Ready-to-Eat Curry Sauce

Have you ever tried a bowl of Udon noodle soup? Since the Japanese noodle dish seems to be becoming popular in many countries, you may already have eaten it before.

Actually, in Japan, there are many varieties of Udon dishes widely enjoyed, which include what I introduce here “Curry Udon (カレーうどん)”, a fusion of Western curry sauce and traditional Japanese noodles.

Curry Udon (カレーうどん)

Curry Udon

As the name indicates, Curry Udon is the Udon noodle soup with curry sauce and is one of the most popular Udon dishes in Japan, where there are even specialized shops dedicated to Curry Udon.

Since the basic making method of Curry Udon is simple and easy, Japanese home cooks sometimes make it for their family. As a matter of fact, I consume a simple bowl of Curry Udon at home a few times a month.

Specifically, after a hot bowl of Udon consisting of light soy sauce-based dashi-rich broth with Udon noodles in it is served in front of me, I often sprinkle curry powder over it. Dissolving the spice in the soup, I enjoy the simple Curry Udon.

Compared to that, if a bit longer time is taken, you can easily prepare an authentic bowl of Curry Udon like the ones offered by Japanese Udon restaurants.

Easy and Authentic Curry Udon Recipe

For those of you who are interested in such easy and authentic Curry Udon recipes, here let me share one from Japanese cookpad.com. First of all, all you need to prepare for this recipe are as follows.

Easy and Authentic Curry Udon (2 servings)
Ingredient Quantity
Udon Noodles 2 servings
Ready-to-Eat Instant Curry Sauce 1 pack
Thinly Sliced Green Onion A proper amount
Mentsuyu Soup Base 40 ml
Water 340 ml
Katakuriko Flour 1 tablespoon

As you can see from the list above, one essential thing for this recipe is ready-to-eat instant curry sauce. Now, let’s get the cooking started.


11c5f2b19eec5516aad89f3f7321b6e4Image: cookpad.com

  1. Pour the ready-to-eat instant curry sauce, water, and Mentsuyu soup base into a pot
  2. Heat the mixture to a simmer
  3. Once the curry soup begins to simmer, add the thinly sliced green onions to the pot
  4. Cook it for one minute, then add the Katakuriko potato starch to the pot and dissolve the flour in the soup, stirring with chopsticks
  5. Boil the Udon noodles in another pot of water. After boiled, set the Udon noodles in a bowl and pour the curry soup onto the noodles
  6. Ready to eat. Enjoy the Curry Udon!


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