Umeboshi Specialty Shop’s Ume Plum Jam

“Umeboshi (梅干し)” is a traditional Japanese pickle made of Ume plums. As you may know, the salted plums are quite salty and sour, so we Japanese usually eat them with plain white rice.

Umeboshi is one of the most commonly eaten pickles in Japan, so accordingly, there are even shops that specialize in the pickled Ume plums.

Chinriu (ちん里う): Well-Established Umeboshi Shop in Odawara


Among those establishments, “Chinriu (ちん里う)” is a well-established Umeboshi specialty shop with over 140 years of history which is known to those in the know.

The main shop is located in Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture where Umeboshi plums are known as a specialty of the city.

Chinriu produces high-quality Ume plum products, including Umeboshi plums, and sells them to supermarkets and department stores that mainly carry exclusive products.

Japanese Ume Plum Jam from Chinriu


Chinriu has handed down the traditional technique of its Umeboshi making from generation to generation, so their pickled Ume plums hold a good-old taste even now.

In addition to Umeboshi, since Chinriu produces products relating to Ume plums, the shop also sells Ume plum jam.

Featuring its delicate flavor of Ume, the plum jam is not overly sweet with a little acidity.

Ume plums are one of the fruits that represent Japan, so the Chinriu’s delicious jam could be said to be a kind of fusion of Japanese and Western.

It goes really well with toast and yogurt and can also be used in various sauces.


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