Acecook Wakame Ramen: Instant Noodle Soup with Seaweed

Acecook is a Japanese company that makes instant noodles. In Japan, the maker has been in the top 5 in terms of market share.

When it comes to Acecook’s regular products, “Super Cup” and “Wakame Ramen” instant noodles have long been loved.

Various unique cup noodles have come out in Japan in the past few years, and I am fond of trying those newly released products.

But I sometimes crave Acecook Wakame Ramen because it holds a good-old taste that recent instant noodles don’t have.

Acecook Wakame Ramen 

Acecook Wakame Ramen

The Wakame Ramen was introduced by Acecook in 1983.

As you may know, wakame is one of the most consumed seaweed in Japan, known as a healthy food.

We Japanese often use it in miso soup, salads, and noodle soup dishes such as ramen and udon.

As for the taste of Acecook Wakame Ramen, it has a simple soy sauce flavor, but it never gets tired.

The soy sauce-based broth is light but packed with umami from seafood such as sardine and bonito.

This seaweed ramen also uses lots of toasted sesame seeds, which pair well with crunchy wakame, making the taste flavorful.

Nowadays, online stores carry many high-quality instant ramen bowls,

but if you want to experience a taste of the good old days of Japan, Acecook Wakame Ramen is undoubtedly a must-try for you.


Lastly, for those who want to try it someday, here I will share the cooking instructions with photos. 


1 First, peel back the lid about halfway and take all the packets out of the bowl. The transparent one contains dehydrated garnishes such as wakame, sesame seeds, corn grains, and Menma bamboo shoots. The brown one contains soup base liquid, and the silver one has spices.
2 Then, put the contents of the transparent garnish packet into the bowl and pour boiling water until it reaches the line indicated inside.
3 Close the lid, place the brown packet on it, and let the noodles steep for 3 minutes.
4 3 minutes later, remove the lid and add the soup base liquid and spices.
5 Stir all the ingredients lightly with chopsticks and enjoy the wakame ramen!


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