Meiji Hi Lemon: Ramune Candy with Plenty of Vitamin C

In recent years, the Japanese soda pop that originated from lemonade, “Ramune (ラムネ)” has become popular in some countries, but have you ever heard that there is one more Ramune in Japan?

Actually, the Ramune is a tablet-shaped sugar candy, which has long been loved by us Japanese.

In addition to having a refreshing sour flavor that comes mainly from citric acid, the Japanese treat is characterized by its chalky texture that melts in the mouth.

If you have a chance to shop at supermarkets in Japan, you will find a variety of Ramune in the snack and candy section. 

Out of those, what I introduce here, Meiji Hi Lemon, together with Meiji Yoguretto, was actually one of my favorite Ramune candies in my childhood.

Meiji Hi Lemon (明治 ハイレモン)

Meiji Hi Lemon

As its name indicates, Meiji Hi Lemon is a lemon flavor Ramune candy introduced by Meiji in 1980.

In the box, there are 3 servings of Ramune. Each has 6 pieces of lemon-flavored candy tablets, so the product contains 18 tablets of Ramune candy in total.

Meiji Hi Lemon Sugar Candy

When I was small, I used to often buy this product and loved these sugar candy tablets. In fact, the lemon candy is pleasantly crunchy, and with some bites, it melts away in your mouth.

Meiji Hi Lemon Ramune Candy

Taste-wise, these treats are quite refreshing with moderate acidity and make the eater addicted, so even now, I sometimes crave it.


Meiji Hi Lemon Ingredients

Meiji Hi Lemon not only tastes good, but it actually contains as much as 999 mg of vitamin C per box (27 grams). The candy is excellent in taste and texture, which enables the efficient intake of vitamin C.

Meiji Hi Lemon Nutrition Facts and Calories

Other than vitamin C, the lemon flavor Ramune candy consists of sugar, dextrose, concentrated lemon juice, dextrin, vegetable fat, gelatin, apple powder, acidifier, emulsifier, flavoring, and colors (vitamin B2, carotenoid).


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