Meiji Yoguretto: Classic Ramune-Like Yogurt Candy Tablets

When it comes to classic Japanese candy, “Ramune (ラムネ)” is especially famous and widely enjoyed in Japan.

Made basically with dextrose, citric acid, and Katakuriko potato starch, Ramune is a simple sugar candy with a slight fizz featuring its excellent melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Today, Ramune candy comes in many varieties, among which I think Morinaga Ramune Soda Candy is the most loved, and what I introduce here “Yoguretto (ヨーグレット)” is also among the best varieties.

Meiji Yoguretto (明治 ヨーグレット)

Meiji Yoguretto

The Yoguretto is a tablet-shaped sugar candy that was introduced by Meiji in 1979, which brings back memories of my childhood because my mother used to buy this and Meiji High Lemon for me when I was small.

Meiji Yoguretto Yogurt Candy

The product, Meiji Yoguretto contains 18 pieces of tablet-shaped yogurt candy in the package. 

The round tablet has a texture like Ramune but the yogurt candy is somewhat different in ingredients from typical Ramune treats.


Meiji Yoguretto ingredients

According to the ingredient list on the back of the bag, the tablet candy Meiji Yoguretto mainly consists of sugar, concentrated yogurt, yogurt powder, and gelatin.

Meiji Yoguretto Yogurt Candy Tablet

In addition, these tablets also contain lots of bone calcium and lactobacillus Bifidus, so in Japan, Meiji Yoguretto is food with nutrient function claims (FNFC) that can effectively supplement nutrients.


Meiji Yoguretto is not sour. Rather, these tablets are moderately sweet with a gentle, satisfying yogurt flavor to them. Once you start crunching, it melts away in the mouth, giving you a slight fizzy sensation.


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