Kameda Happy Turn: Senbei Rice Crackers with Magical Powder

When Japanese think of the rice snack that represents Japan, I think many will bring “Senbei (せんべい)” to mind. In fact, it is one of the traditional Japanese rice crackers with centuries of history, together with “Okaki (おかき)” and “Arare (あられ)”.

Typically, with a somewhat thick, round shape, traditional Senbei are seasoned mainly with soy sauce or salt, but in modern times the Japanese rice cracker comes in many varieties and flavors.

Among such products, Kaki no Tane, also known as Kameda Crisps in some overseas countries, is one of the most popular Senbei in and outside of Japan, and as its name indicates, Kameda Crisps is produced and sold by Kameda Seika, a leading Japanese confectionery company whose head office is located in Niigata Prefecture.

Actually, the prefecture where I live, Niigata boasts the largest production output of rice in Japan and the rice harvested there has a good reputation nationwide. From this reason, Kameda Seika Confectionery has an extensive lineup of rice crackers, which include what I purchased this time.

Kameda-Seika Happy Turn (亀田製菓 ハッピーターン)

Kameda Happy Turn

What I introduce here from Kameda Seika is this “Happy Turn (ハッピーターン)” Senbei, which was first introduced in 1976 and today has become a standard rice snack in Japan.

The Happy Turn Senbei has a long, narrow, oval-like shape and is especially characterized by the particles of powder on the surface which have an addictive taste that grabs the hearts of many people.

Happy Powder and Its Ingredients 

Kameda Happy Turn Senbei with Magical Powder

The seasoning particles coated on the entire surface of the Happy Turn Senbei are officially called “Happy Powder”, but because of the taste that makes eaters addicted, it is sometimes dubbed “Maho no Kona (魔法の粉 : Magical Powder)”.

Even though it indeed works like a magic, as mentioned in the article “ハッピーターン” on Wikipedia Japan, many people have already known that the ingredient in the Happy Powder consists of sugar, salt, a number of amino acids, and protein hydrolysate.


Kameda Happy Turn Senbei

It is said that the amino acids contained in the particles make the taste of Happy Powder complicated and addicting. The magical powder tastes kind of like salty-sweet, but its taste is hard to describe. 

Where to Buy

Not only has Kameda Seika Happy Turn been a favorite of many Japanese for decades, but there are also a lot of foreign Happy Turn addicts. So the Happy Turn Senbei is available on many online marketplaces outside of Japan.

Kameda Seika Happy Turn Senbei Rice Crackers


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