Shigekix: UHA Mikakuto’s Popular Sour Gummy Candy

Aren’t you curious about Japanese candies with stimulating sourness?

If your answer is yes, I first and foremost recommend the lemon-flavored hard candy from Nobel that is famous for its extreme sourness “Nobel Super Lemon Candy“.

It features a super sour acidic taste that comes from the powder coating on the surface, but when you continue sucking on the treat over 1 minute, it turns sweet, for the hard candy itself is sweet.

Shigekix Gummy Candy

UHA Mikakuto Shigekix

Then, when I think of Japanese gummy candy with stimulating sourness, what comes to my mind right away is “Shigekix (シゲキックス)” from UHA Mikakuto.

In its name, “Shigeki (シゲキ, 刺激)” means “stimulus” in Japanese, and the product name Shigekix is actually a portmanteau of Shigeki and kicks.

Shigekix Gummy Sourness Level

Introduced in 1993 by the Japanese confectionery company UHA Mikakuto, Shigekix is a gummy candy with a hard texture that comes in 5 levels of sourness.

The intensity of sourness of the gummy candy is called “Suppa Level (スッパレベル)” in which the word “Suppa” is short for the Japanese word “Suppai (酸っぱい)” meaning “sour”.

Shigekix Gummy Candies

As you can see in the picture above, the Suppa Level 0 Shigekix gummies and the ones with the maximum level 5 are quite different in appearance.

This is because the latter sourest Shigekix is coated with extreme sour white particles.

The regular Shigekix with an orange color is actually only a little bit sour, but once you put the weird-looking white Shigekix in the mouth, an extremely sour taste instantly comes from the white powder coating.

But the more you chew on the gummy candy, the sweeter it gets, for the gummy candy inside is pretty sweet.


UHA Mikakuto Shigekix Gummy Candy

If you like trying sour acidic foods, UHA Mikakuto Shigekix can be one of your options. These gummies can be bought on some online marketplaces, so if you are interested, why not give them a try?


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