Mikakuto UHA Shigekix : The King of Japanese Sour Gummy Candies

Aren’t you curious about Japanese candies with stimulating sourness? If your answer is yes, I will recommend “Nobel Super Lemon Candy’” first and foremost, which is a hard candy famous for extreme sourness.

Although the Japanese lemon candy is super sour because of the powder coated on its surface, when you continue sucking on the hard candy for over 1 minute, it turns sweet.

Actually, the super sour lemon candy was one of my favorites and I used to buy it when I was a kid.

Mikakuto UHA Shigekix

Mikakuto UHA Shigekix Gummy CandyImage : okashi.ti-da.net Mikakuto UHA Shigekix, 4 flavors (cola, soda, grape, and lemon)

When I think of super sour gummy candies, what comes to mind right away is Miakakuto UHA Shigekix.

Mikakuto UHA Shigekix is the slightly hard gummy candy that was released in 1993 by a major Japanese confectionery company “Mikakuto (味覚糖)”.

Once you put the gummy candy in the mouth, the sourness that comes from the coating on the surface spreads in the mouth, though, the more you chew the gummy candy, the sweeter it gets.

In the past, Shigekix gummy candies were more sour and stimulating than the present ones, so just thinking of the gummy candy caused me the secretion of saliva.

However, according to a popular Japanese news website Excite News, it seems that the Shigekix gummy candy has become less sour and stimulating since 2012, considering customers’ demands.

It is a pity that the super sour flavor has been changed to less sour one. Nevertheless, the Japanese gummy candy is still pretty sour and addictive, so even now it has a good reputation.

Instead, in addition to the regular flavors, newly released super sour gummy candies were added to the Shigekix series a while ago.

Super Sour Shigekix Cola, 20 g x 10 bags Extremely Sour Shigekix Lemon, 20 g x 10 bags Extremely Sour Shigekix Ume, 20 g x 10 bags
Amazon.co.jp Amazon.co.jp Amazon.co.jp

In Conclusion

Mikakuto UHA Shigekix is sometimes called “The King of Japanese Gummy Candies”. In fact, the gummy candy is not only famous for its extreme sourness, but it is also one of the most popular gummy candies in Japan.

This is why the Shigekix gummy candy is a must-try item if you are interested in the Japanese candy with stimulating sourness


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