Nobel Super Lemon Candy Famous for its Extreme Sourness

When I was a kid, a lemon flavor candy amazed me because the hard candy had a super sour taste that I had never experienced. 

Nonetheless, after the first try, I became addicted to the lemon candy, and even now it is the sourest hard candy I have ever eaten.

Nobel Super Lemon Candy

Nobel Super Lemon CandyImage: nonoosan3 so-net blog

The name of the Japanese lemon candy that was my favorite is “Nobel Super Lemon” which was introduced by Nobel in 1985. 

It seems that today the Super Lemon candy is fairly well known in some countries and popular on where in fact over 100 reviews on the Japanese treat can be seen.

If I share my memory of the Nobel Super Lemon Candy, it was so sour and acidic that just thinking of it caused the secretion of saliva.

But the extremely sour kick only came from white powder coating on the surface, so about 1 minute after I started sucking on the candy, it turned totally sweet.

Even now, I can’t forget the extreme sourness.


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  1. November 2, 2017

    […] so,I will highly recommend ‘Nobel Super Lemon Candy‘ as a super sour Japanese hard candy.Although the hard candy is super sour because of the […]

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