Meiji Apollo: Strawberry Chocolate Shaped like Apollo 11

I love chocolate candy, especially I prefer chocolates produced and sold by the leading Japanese food company “Meiji (明治)”. 

When I think of chocolate products by Meiji, what comes to my mind right away is Meiji Marble Chocolate and Meiji Apollo. 

As I wrote about the former in this article before, today, I will talk about the latter Meiji Apollo.

Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate

Meiji Apollo Chocolate

As you know, in July 1969, Apollo 11 succeeded in landing on the moon’s surface.

Actually, in commemoration of Apollo 11’s monumental achievement, the chocolate product Meiji Apollo was introduced by Meiji on August 7, 1969. 

Meiji Apollo Chocolate shaped like Apollo 11

As you can guess from the picture above, the Apollo chocolate was designed in the motif of the command spaceship of Apollo 11 and is shaped like that.

It has a two-layer structure; the upper part has a strawberry flavor, while the lower is milk chocolate. 

The product also comes in big and jumbo size tubes, and rarely contains the “Lucky Star (ラッキースター)” chocolate shaped like a star.


Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate

Meiji Appolo has been a long-time favorite chocolate candy of both children and adults in Japan, as it holds a good-old taste that hasn’t changed for decades.

The treat has a mild, gentle cacao flavor, and the perfect balance between the upper strawberry and the lower milk chocolate makes it an absolute delight.

Ingredients and Calories

Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Based on the ingredient list and nutrition facts label, with 261 kcal per bag (46 grams), the Meiji Apollo strawberry chocolate consists of sugar, vegetable fat, cacao mass, milk sugar, whole milk powder, skim milk powder, cocoa butter, strawberry powder, emulsifier, colors (beet red, flavonoid), and flavoring.


If you are interested in classic Japanese candies, the Meiji Apollo strawberry chocolate is undoubtedly a must-try item.

The taste of the two-tier chocolate is really good and reminds many Japanese people of their childhood memories.


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8 Responses

  1. Claire says:

    I found a “lucky star” in my pack! Does anyone know what it means anything special? Unfortunately I can’t read Japanese so I don’t know what it says, all I know is now I don’t want to eat this one haha!

    • Tomo says:

      Thanks for the comment!
      I researched the lucky star online and found out it was created in 2019 when the product marked 50 years since its first release. I couldn’t find the meaning of it, but the star is associated with outer space!

  2. Ron says:

    I found the star….if no one has found it yet.

  3. Andreu Castillo says:

    I also found the star and upon checking there are two sayings..
    1. eat the meiji chocolate dividing the two part the strawberry and the chocolate and if you divided the two cleanly you’ll be lucky..
    2. if you found the star shape you’ll be lucky..

  4. Shannon says:

    I got two stars in my box? Am I double lucky?

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