Meiji Apollo : Long-selling Japanese Strawberry Chocolate Candy

I like chocolate candies, especially I prefer those of Meiji (明治) that is a major Japanese food company. When I think of chocolate candies produced by Meiji, what come to mind right away are Meiji Marble Chocolate and Meiji Apollo. Speaking of the former Japanese chocolate candy, I wrote an article about it before, so if you are curious about Meiji Marble Chocolate, here is the article. Today, I want to talk about the latter Meiji’s chocolate candy.

Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate Candy

Image : horikaz2 FC2blog Meiji – Apollo Strawberry Chocolate

Meiji Apollo, together with Meiji Marble Chocolate, is a popular Japanese chocolate candy well-known as a long-seller in Japan. The Meiji’s long-selling chocolate candy has a two-layer structure. Specifically, the upper part has a strawberry flavor, while the lower part is milk chocolate. It is known that the product rarely includes a chocolate candy whose strawberry chocolate and milk chocolate are placed in reverse.

Meiji introduced Meiji Apollo into the market on August 7, 1969. In July of that year, Apollo 11 succeeded in landing on the moon’s surface. As you can guess from the fact and the product name, the Japanese chocolate candy is designed in the motif of the command spaceship of Apollo 11, and it was put on sale in commemoration of the Apollo 11’s landing on the moon.

Even now, Meiji Apollo strawberry chocolate candy is widely enjoyed by children and adults alike in Japan, because it has a nostalgic taste that hasn’t been changed for a long time. The Apollo chocolate has a mild, gentle cacao flavor and a nice balance between strawberry chocolate and milk chocolate.

If you are interested in Japanese chocolate candies, Meiji Apollo is one of must-try items, because not only does it have a nostalgic taste to many of us Japanese, but it is also really yummy.


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