Mozuku : How to Use the Seaweed and the Easy Mozuku-su Recipe

We Japanese often have edible seaweed in our daily lives. Especially, Wakame is one of the most commonly eaten seaweed in Japan. It is used as a main ingredient for various dishes, including salad, soup, and noodle soup, and even for snacks such as “Kuki Wakame (茎わかめ)“. Other than Wakame, if I give another example of such edible seaweed enjoyed in Japan, we sometimes have the dish made with Mozuku seaweed.

Mozuku seaweed

Mozuku (もずく) is taken for food in Japan. It is said that more than 90 % of Japan’s Mozuku consumption comes from the seaweed raised in Okinawa Prefecture. The seaweed has a brown color in the sea, but when it is boiled in water, the color turns green. Mozuku seaweed has a firm, crunchy texture like Wakame. Besides it is somewhat slimy because of the polysaccharide on the surface. Mozuku is known as a healthy food, and in fact it is rich in vitamins and minerals.

How to use Mozuku seaweed

Okinawan dried Mozuku Okinawan raw Mozuku

Speaking of the variety, there are two types of Mozuku products being sold in Japan, raw and dried. If you want to use raw Mozuku seaweed, washing off the sliminess and salt lightly with water before cooking or cooking without washing, either is okay. It is up to you which method you choose.

If you want to use dried Mozuku seaweed, before cooking, you need to soak the dried food in water or hot water in order to rehydrate it for a while (water : about 10 to 15 min, hot water : about 3 to 5 min). After doing that, the volume of the seaweed increases by several tens of times.

The above are basic methods. If there are instructions from the seller, you should follow them.

The Easy Mozuku-su Recipe

When it comes to Japanese dishes using Mozuku seaweed, “Mozuku-su (もずく酢)” is very famous and commonly eaten in Japan. Mozukusu is a simple side dish made by dressing Mozuku seaweed with a Japanese vinegar sauce, “Sanbaizu (三杯酢)”.

As you can guess, the basic way to make Mozuku-su is really easy. Specifically, make Sanbaizu first, then put the vinegar sauce on Mozuku seaweed in a cup. That’s it. I wrote about basic Sanbaizu sauce recipes in my previous article, so if you are interested in the small Japanese seaweed dish, the article will help.


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