Bourbon Fettuccine: Al Dente Pasta-like Gummy Candy

Today I went to a drugstore near my house to buy foodstuffs and bottles of coffee. At the time, I had a craving for something sour-sweet so I headed to the snack and candy section and grabbed a bag of gummy candy.

Bourbon Fettuccine Gummies

Bourbon Fettuccine Gummi Cola

Actually, what I bought this time is the Fettuccine gummi’s regular cola flavor pictured above. 

Fettuccine is the name of a popular gummy candy produced and sold by the leading Japanese confectionery maker “Bourbon (ブルボン)” whose head office is located in Niigata Prefecture where I live.


I think one primary reason why the gummy candy Fettuccine has become popular comes from its addictive al dente pasta-like texture; the Fettuccine gummi is soft on the outside, while somewhat hard, chewy on the inside.

Bourbon Fettuccine Cola-flavored Gummy Candy

Not only having a pleasant chew, but the taste of these gummies is also quite good. The gummy candy itself is juicy with the right amount of sugar, and the white particles on the surface add the gummi a slightly sour, nice refreshing taste.


Burbon Fettuccine Gummy Candy Cola and Itarian Lemon Flavors

In addition to this Cola flavor, Bourbon Fettuccine is currently (as of June 3, 2021) available in Kiwi Fruit, Italian Grape, Italian Peach, Italian Lemon, Amaou Strawberry, Soda, Hard-Boiled Cola flavors.

Ingredients and Calories

Burbon Fettuccine Gummy Candy Cola and Itarian Lemon Flavors Ingredients and Nutrition Facts Labels

In terms of the ingredients, the Fettuccine gummy candy basically consists of sugar, starch syrup, gelatin, digestion-resistant dextrin, sorbitol, acidifier, calcium carbonate, colors, flavoring, vitamin C, and emulsifier.

And the calories per bag (50 grams) are about 165 kcal.


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  1. Nushrat Jahan says:

    Is this gummy Halal for Muslims?
    It contains gelatin and there is no mention of the source.

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