Kanro Candemina Super Best Gummies 3 Flavors

“Kanro (カンロ)” is a Japanese food company that largely produces candies such as “Ame (飴)” and gummies.

The maker has some popular gummy candies, among which “Pure Gummy (ピュレグミ)” has been a long time favorite in Japan. 

But in recent years, I see more often “Candemina (カンデミーナ)” in convenience stores, and thus today I purchased it.

Candemina Gummy Candy from Kanro

Kanro Candemina Super Best Gummies

“Candemina (カンデミーナ)”, literally meaning “bite it (if you can)” in Japanese, is also a gummy candy from Kanro, first introduced in 2013.

Candemina sometimes releases variant types of gummies, but I think the mainstream, for now, is this Candemina “Super Best (スーパーベスト)” with a weight of 72 grams, priced at 170 yen (about 1.6 USD).


Kanro Candemina Gummies Ramune Grape Soda Cola Flavors

This product is made up of the best flavors of the gummi, “Ramune (ラムネ)“, “Grape Soda (グレープソーダ)”, and “Cola (コーラ)”.


Candemina Gummy Candy from Kanro

These candies have a short wavy shape and are similar to Bourbon’s Fettuccine Gummy. But compared to the latter, these Kanro Candemina gummies are pretty hard and springy.


Kanro Candemina Gummies

These treats are not overly sweet and have a delightful tartness to them. The addicting tart taste mainly comes from white particles on the surface, which makes the overall candy scrumptious.

Ingredients and Calories

Kanro Candemina Super Best Gummies Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories Label

Lastly, let’s see the ingredients and nutrition facts label on the back of the package. 

According to that, with 7.9 kcal per piece (2.3 grams), the Kanro Candemina Best Gummies consist of starch syrup, sugar, gelatin, dextrin, acidifier, processed starch, calcium carbonate, colors (caramel, vegetable pigment, cape jasmine), and flavoring.


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