Nagatanien Matsutake Osuimono: Instant Suimono Soup

Japanese soup comes in two types. One is Miso-Shiru (味噌汁: miso soup), and the other is Suimono (吸い物) or Osuimono (お吸い物).

Miso soup is a representative Japanese soup seasoned with miso (fermented soybean paste).

Suimono Soup

On the other hand, Suimono is usually lightly seasoned with salt and soy sauce and doesn’t contain many ingredients in the broth.

Nagatanien Matsutake Osuimono 

As with miso soup, the clear soup Suimono is a staple soup dish in Japan, so it is also available in instant form.

Nagatanien Matsutake Osuimono Instant Suimono Soup

Among such products, this Matsutake Osuimono is one of my favorite Suimono soups, which Nagatanien (永谷園) introduced into the market in 1964.

This instant soup has deep-rooted popularity here in Japan, loved by many people. It is a very low-calorie food (only 5 kcal per serving) packed with delicious flavor.


The soup base doesn’t contain real Matsutake (because the mushroom is expensive) but uses a flavoring that recreates its taste. Nagatanien Matsutake Osuimono consists of

Seasoning granules (Salt, Sugar, Katsuobushi bonito powder, Bonito extract, soy sauce), Fu dried wheat gluten, Nori seaweed, Shiitake mushroom, Dried scallion, Seasoning (Amino acid), Caramel pigment, Flavoring, Antioxidant (Vitamin E), Citric acid (Partially including Wheat and Soybean)


Nagatanien Matsutake Osuimono Soup

The cooking of this instant soup is very straightforward. After putting the base in a soup bowl, pour 180 ml of boiling water and stir well. That’s it.


This Matsutake soup is light-tasting but fragrant and packed with umami. The taste is very Japanese and authentic. If you are interested in Suimono soup, this one is a must-try.

Nutrition Facts

Nagatanien Matsutake Osuimono Instant Suimono Soup Ingredients Nutrition Facts Label

Lastly, below are the nutritional values of the Nagatanien Matsutake Osuimono soup base.

Nutritional Values per Bag (3 Grams)
Calories 5 kcal
Protein 0.4 g
Fat 0.03 g
Carbohydrates 0.8 g
Salt equivalents 1.6 g


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