Puccho : UHA Mikakuto’s Long-Selling Taffy Candy

When it comes to the Japanese candy with soft chewy texture, I think Morinaga Hi-Chew is most famous in the world. The fruit-flavored chew is a long-selling item first released in 1975 in Japan.

Then, other than Hi-Chew, have you ever heard that there is one more long-selling chew in Japan?

It is UHA Mikakuto Puccho. The soft chewy candy Puccho, together with Morinaga Hi-Chew, has been loved by many Japanese for a long time.

UHA Mikakuto Puccho

UHA Mikakuto Puccho Grape

UHA Mikakuto Puccho is a taffy candy with gummy candies embedded in it. The first product of the series was released in 2000 and now UHA Miakakuto Puccho comes in many varieties, including this grape flavor (Amazon.com).

This Puccho grape is a fragrant chew with a hard sheet of grape-flavored candy and tiny bits of grape gummies in it.

Although the cola-flavored Puccho (Amazon.com) and the soda-flavored Puccho (Amazon.com) have fizzy Ramune bits in the candy, this Puccho fruit chew doesn’t contain fizzy stuff.

The Ingredients in the Puccho Grape Candy

According to the ingredient list, this Puccho grape candy is made with starch syrup, sugar, gelatin, concentrated fruit juice (grape, apple, and lemon), and fruit puree (apple and black currant).


UHA Mikakuto Puccho Grape Chew

The soft chewy texture of Puccho is very similar to that of Hi-Chew, but I think the Puccho fruit chew is more flavorful thanks to its inner candies.


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