The 5 Best and Smoothest-Writing Japanese Ballpoint Pens

Japanese stationery is renowned for its high-quality functions and excellent performance rather than its luxurious feel.

Especially, Japanese pens are very popular in many countries since not only do they have useful functions and mechanisms, but they are also very easy to write with.

If I give an example of such Japanese pens, Pilot Frixion erasable ballpoint pen series ( is among high-function Japanese ballpoint pens.

It is one of the best-selling Japanese pens in the world and now the Pilot Frixion ballpoint pens have become standard erasable ink pens as well as being loved by stationery lovers in terms of smooth-writing.

The 5 Best Japanese Ballpoint Pens

Then next, when it comes to ordinary smooth-writing pens, the 5 Japanese ballpoint pens below are very popular in Japan and have an excellent reputation.

They are available at a reasonable price and many Japanese writing implement lovers have said on the internet that they are the best and smoothest-writing ballpoint pens.

1. Mitsubishi Uni Jetstream (Permanent Marker Pen)

Uni Jetstream Multi Function Pen, 4 Color Ballpoint Pen
Mitsubishi Uni Jetstream

Mitsubishi Uni Jetstream is a standard Japanese ballpoint pen with a great reputation concerning smooth-writing. You can write letters very smoothly with this ballpoint pen thanks to its low writing resistance. Besides, this pen is excellent in quick-drying property and many writing utensil lovers in Japan have said online that Mitsubishi Uni Jetstream is the best and smoothest oil-based ballpoint pen.

2. Pentel Vicuna (Permanent Marker Pen)

Pentel Ballpoint Pen Vicuna, Extra Fine, Black, Red, Blue, Green
Pentel Vicuna

As with Mitsubishi Uni Jetstream, Pentel Vicuna is very famous for its smoothness in writing. This Japanese ballpoint pen is a relatively new product featuring its super-low-viscosity ink called “Vicuna Ink”. Pentel Vicuna has a good reputation for its vibrant black ink and is one of the most easy-to-write Japanese ballpoint pens.

3. Pentel Energel (Non-Permanent Maker Pen)

Pentel EnerGel RTX Retractable Liquid Gel Pen, Medium Line, Metal Tip
Pentel Energel

It is often said that Pentel Energel is one of the best Japanese ballpoint pens. This pen is especially characterized by its liquid-like gel ink called “Energel Ink”, which has an excellent quick-drying property and enables users to write letters very smoothly. What is more, even though in general gel inks are weak in coloring, you can write clear letters with this pen thanks to its excellent chromogenic property.

4. Zebra Sarasa (Non-Permanent Maker Pen)

Zebra Sarasa Retractable Gel Ink Pens, 0.7mm, Assorted Color Rapid Dry Ink
Zebra Sarasa

Zebra Sarasa is a long-selling Japanese ballpoint pen with a very good reputation in terms of smooth-writing. Since many Japanese people of all generations are familiar with this pen, it can be said that Zebra Sarasa is one of the standard easy-to-write writing instruments in Japan.

5. Mitsubishi Uni-Ball Signo (Non-Permanent Maker Pen)

Uni-ball Gel Pens, Ultra Micro (0.38mm) & Medium (0.8mm) Points, Assorted Colors
Mitsubishi Uni-ball Signo

If you are looking for smooth-writing ballpoint pens with an ultra micro pen point, Mitsubishi Uni-Ball Signo is one of the most recommended items. In addition to having a smooth vibrant ink, this Japanese pen features an edgeless tip, and you can write clear letters steadily despite its ultra micro pen point.


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