The Easy and Nutritious Natto Ochazuke Recipe using Dried Natto

“Natto (納豆)” are Japanese fermented soybeans well-known for having a peculiar odor and slimy consistency. Because of this, many Japanese don’t like or can’t eat Natto.

Have you ever eaten the fermented soy food before? If not, I want you to give it a try once, because Natto is famous as a super food packed with nutrients, such as Vitamin K, soy isoflavone, Nattokinase, protein, and dietary fiber.

Hoshi Natto (干し納豆 : Dried Natto)

By the way, do you know there is a snack food made of Natto beans in Japan?

Mito Hoshi Natto : Dried Natto Snack

It is a snack food called Hoshi Natto, which is made by seasoning and coating Natto beans with salt and wheat flower or Katakuriko potato starch, and then drying the soybeans in the sun.


As with usual sticky Natto beans, the dried fermented soybeans are rich in nutrients. Generally, it is said that Hoshi Natto contains 1.5 times the potassium, 1.8 times the iron, and twice the zinc that Natto has.

Not only this, but the amount of the minerals in Hoshi Natto is also larger than that of Natto. What is better, when Natto beans are dried, they tastes better. Hence, Hoshi Natto is savory and easy to eat as compared to sticky Natto beans.


With Hoshi Natto, you can ingest various nutrients without feeling unpleasant. Of course, the dried Natto can be eaten as it is. Besides, it can also be used as an ingredient in dishes.

Natto Ochazuke Recipe using Hoshi Natto

Natto Ochazuke

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Therefore, today I want to introduce an easy Ochazuke recipe using Hoshi Natto that was introduced on a Japanese TV program. Actually, Hoshi Natto is suitable as a main ingredient for Ochazuke.

Ochazuke (お茶漬け)” is a Japanese rice bowl dish consisting of steamed plain white rice entirely soaked in Japanese green tea, which is topped with a main ingredient and toppings.

Since Ochazuke is really easy to make, we Japanese sometimes eat it. With the following instructions, you will also be able to enjoy a healthy and nutritious Natto Ochazuke easily.

Making Instructions

Ingredient Quantity
Hoshi Natto ( 50g
Soy sauce 1.5 tablespoons
Toppings (Chopped green onions, fine strips of ginger, Shiso leaves, Myoga and so on) A proper amount
White sesame seeds A proper amount
  1. Combine Hoshi Natto with soy sauce and let the mixture sit for one night
  2. Put the seasoned Hoshi Natto on steamed plain rice in a bowl
  3. Add toppings to the rice as you like
  4. Pour hot Japanese green tea into the bowl
  5. Enjoy Natto Ochazuke!


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