Ribon Nama Ume Ame Hard Candy with Fresh Plum Paste

“Ume (梅)” is a plum fruit commonly used in Japanese cuisine, and one of the representative Japanese foods made from Ume plums is “Umeboshi (梅干し)“, pickled Ume plums.

In addition to the Ume-flavored potato chips I introduced a few days ago, in Japan there are a wide range of candies and snacks with Umeboshi flavor.

I like those snacks and candies with a slightly sour, salty Ume flavor, so today I bought another popular product of that kind.

Ribon Nama Ume Ame (リボン 生梅飴)

Ribon Nama Ume Ame Plum Candy
What I purchased this time is this “Ribon Nama Ume Ame (リボン 生梅飴)”. A Japanese food company, “Ribon (リボン)” produces and sells the Ume plum hard candy.

Nama Ume Ame, literally fresh Ume plum hard candy is a popular Ume candy in Japan with fresh Ume plum paste inside. It has been around since a long time ago and enjoyed as a standard Ume candy in Japan, like Lotte Koume Candy.

The Nama Ume Plum hard candy is translucent, but you can hardly see the paste inside from outside.

Nama Ume Ame Plum Hard Candy

When you cut the hard candy into half, you find the fresh Ume plum paste filled in the Ume candy. The paste contains 50% Ume plum flesh of “Nanko Ume (南高梅)” that is famous as a top-quality Ume plum in Japan.


Ribon Nama Ume Ame Plum Hard Candy Ingredients

According to the ingredient list on the back of the package, the Ribon Nama Ume Ame hard candy consists of sugar, starch syrup, Ume plum paste (Ume plum flesh, starch syrup, sugar, dextrin, trehalose, Ume plum extract, starch, salt), acidifier, flavors, polysaccharide thickener (pectin), and color (perilla), including apple.


The hard candy itself is sweet with a subtle Ume flavor, while the Ume paste filling is fresh and somewhat sour with a moderate sweetness.

The combination of the 2 different Ume flavors is great, and in fact many Japanese have given a high rating on the Ume candy on shopping sites and said that Ribon Nama Ume Ame is the best Ume plum hard candy.


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