Japanese Words for Nutrition Facts

Over the last decade, thanks to the internet, it has been getting easier to get Japanese foods, even if you are not in Japan.

But many of such products are meant for domestic use in Japan and have no English translation. 

Nutrition Facts in Japanese 

Japanese Nutrition Facts Label

Of course, that also applies to the nutrition facts label or “栄養成分表示 (Eiyo-Seibun-Hyoji)”.

Today, for those who want to know what kinds of nutrients and how much a Japanese food product contains, let me share the English translation.

Nutrition Facts in English In Japanese
Calories カロリー, エネルギー, 熱量
Carbohydrates 炭水化物
Protein たんぱく質
Sodium Chloride (Salt) Equivalents 食塩相当量
Fat 脂質
Vitamin ビタミン
Calcium カルシウム
Iron 鉄分
Potassium カリウム
Cholesterol コレステロール
Dietary Fiber 食物繊維
Sugars 糖質, 糖分, 糖類


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    Very useful information for Japanese food fans!

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