5 Flavors of Assorted Tirol Chocolate Variety Pack

If you ask young Japanese people what chocolate candy they like, I think many of them will probably answer “Tirol Choco (チロルチョコ)”.

Tirol Choco, or Tirol Chocolate is the long-selling Japanese chocolate candy well-known as a Dagashi (駄菓子).As the candy name indicates, TIROL-CHOCO CO., LTD. is planning for the sale.

Dagashi is the generic name for cheap and relatively small Japanese snacks and candies, so Tirol Chocolate is also small and cheap.In fact, the chocolate Dagashi candy is being sold for about 10 to 40 yen per piece in Japan.

Tirol Chocolate is famous for its rich varieties.It is said that the company, TIROL-CHOCO is creating over 300 new flavors of Tirol Chocolate every year.

Each convenience store chain in Japan handles limited-flavors of Tirol Chocolate that are available only at its own stores, and most of those flavors are very unique.

From the above, Tirol Chocolate is especially popular with children.

5 Flavors of Assorted Tirol Chocolate Variety Pack

Like kids, many Japanese adults also love the long-selling chocolate candy.Actually, I’m one of them.The other day I went to a drugstore near my house and bought the above assorted Tirol Chocolate Variety Pack (Amazon.com).

The product I purchased this time includes 5 standard flavors of Tirol Chocolate and has 30 pieces of individually wrapped Tirol Choco in total.Therefore, today I want to introduce the 5 popular flavors of Tirol Chocolate.

1. Tirol Chocolate Coffee Nougat 

Tirol Chocolate Coffee Nougat is the original flavor of Tirol Chocolate.As the flavor name indicates, the chocolate candy has a soft caramel candy with a coffee flavor in the center.Hence, it has two different textures and flavors.Since this is the original Tirol Chocolate, it is a must-try flavor.

2. Tirol Chocolate White & Cookies 

Tirol Chocolate White & Cookies consists of white chocolate with cookie bits embedded throughout.This flavor is known as one of the standard flavors of Tirol Chocolate.I like the nice combination of the milk flavor of chocolate and the crunchy texture of cookies.

3. Tirol Chocolate Milk

Tirol Chocolate Milk has a popular flavor that has been loved by many Japanese of all gererations for a long time.The inside white chocolate is made with fresh cream, so this Tirol Choco candy is mild and milky.

4. Tirol Chocolate Strawberry Jelly

As the flavor name indicates, Tirol Chocolate Strawberry Jelly has a strawberry jelly in the center part.Besides, this candy consists of 2 layers of chocolate, strawberry chocolate in the upper part and milk chocolate in the lower part.The addicting combination of these 3 different flavors is worth a try.

5. Tirol Chocolate Bis Milk Choco

Tirol Chocolate Bis Milk Choco is the regular Tirol Choco with a biscuit inside.Although 3 different colors of packages are used, there’s no change in the contents.This flavor is loved by children and adults alike.I like its hearty crunch of the biscuit.


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