5 Representative Types of Niigata Ramen


Hi, I'm Tomo, a Japanese blogger living in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. For the purpose of enriching your life, I would like to introduce things about Japan on this blog, especially unique Japanese products, cooking recipes, cultures, and facts and trivia.

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  1. justin edwards says:

    Great Blog
    Do you have a recipe for sardine based Assari ramen broth. Would love to try making this at home

    • Tomo says:

      Hi Justin, thank you very much for the comment!
      I searched online what you want to know and found this article on Rocket News 24.
      This recipe is not for Niigata Assari Shoyu Ramen, but it seems like the soy-sauce-sardine-based ramen is delicious (Sorry, I have never tried the recipe). Besides, it is easy to make.

      Here is the recipe for the Niboshi Ramen.

      1. Bring 500ml water with 50g dried small sardines (煮干し : Niboshi) to the boil
      2. Put 50g pork belly slices, 50cc soy sauce and 50 cc mirin in a heat‐resistant container, and microwave it at 500W for 2 to 3 minutes (1 minute after you start heating it, stir the ingredients once)
      3. Fry 50g minced onions and one tablespoon Niboshi powder quickly over high heat with one tablespoon salad oil in a shallow pan, then put the cooked onions into a ramen bowl
      4. Add 4 to 5 tablespoons of “2”‘s soup stock and 350 to 400cc of “1”‘s soup stock to the ramen bowl, and stir lightly
      5. Lastly, add boiled noodles, “2”‘s cooked pork belly slices, and chopped green onions to the bowl
      6. Enjoy!

      I hope this will help.

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