Curry Ramen: The Birthplace and Popular Instant Cup Noodles

Curry matches well with Japanese noodle dishes, and in fact, ramen, udon, and buckwheat soba noodle soups with curry sauce are widely eaten around Japan.

The ramen and the udon using curry sauce are literally called “Curry Ramen (カレーラーメン)” and “Curry Udon (カレーうどん)” respectively, while the soba with curry is generally called “Curry Nanban (カレー南蛮)” in Japan.

Curry Ramen (カレーラーメン)

As I wrote an article on Curry Udon and Curry Nanban before, today let me talk about the rest Curry Ramen.


Curry Ramen

Actually, there are 3 major theories about the birthplace of Curry Ramen.

One is that a ramen shop that existed in Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture, “Tokyo Tei (東京亭)” first made Curry Ramen about 70 years ago, another is that a ramen shop in Tomakomai, Hokkaido, “Aji no Daio (味の大王)” (Google Map) created it in 1965, and the last is that “Minowa Shokudo (実之和食堂)” that was opened in 1955 in Omigawa, Chiba Prefecture, is the originator of Curry Ramen.

Sanjo Curry Ramen (三条カレーラーメン)

As for Sanjo Curry Ramen, although Tokyo Tei already went out of business, today there are more than 70 ramen restaurants in the city Sanjo offering Curry Ramen. By the way, it is generally known that Sanjo Curry Ramen is one of the 5 major types of Niigata Ramen.


The city of Sanjo is famous for ironware, and Sanjo Curry Ramen was the comfort food loved by the craftsmen. Now, the Niigata’s local ramen has gained deep-rooted popularity among those living in and around the city.

Sanjo Curry Ramen can be classified into 2 types: one is a soy-sauce-based noodle soup topped with curry sauce, and the other has a broth mixed with curry sauce.

The Curry Ramen is characterized by its rich-flavored soup broth with umami from seafood such as “Niboshi (煮干し)” dried small sardines and “Katsuobushi (鰹節)” bonito flakes.

Popular Instant Curry Ramen

Acecook Sanjo Curry Ramen

Several instant noodle soups with curry flavor are available at supermarkets in Japan, among which, Nissin Cup Noodles Curry is the top-seller. Of course, I love that ramen, but in addition, my recommendation is the above, Acecook Sanjo Curry Ramen.

Acecook Sanjo Curry Ramen Instant Noodles

This instant curry ramen is sold only locally, at supermarkets, drugstores, and convenience stores in Niigata Prefecture, and its seafood-based soup features a deep flavor of curry that comes from several kinds of spices, umami of chicken, and powdered rice.

(Reference page of this article : Wikipedia カレーラーメン )


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