Peyang’s Spiciest Instant Yakisoba Noodles

As with ramen, Yakisoba is a representative of Japanese noodle dishes, so a variety of instant Yakisoba noodles are available, along with instant ramen, at supermarkets and convenience stores in Japan.

As you may know, cup ramen comes in quite a few spicy varieties, but Japanese instant noodles manufacturers hardly create spicy instant Yakisoba. Hence, groceries in Japan usually carry none or only one variety of spicy Yakisoba.

Peyang Super Spicy Instant Yakisoba

Peyang Geki-Kara Super Spicy Instant Yakisoba

Nonetheless, what I introduce here, Peyang “Geki-Kara (激辛: Extremely Spicy Hot)” Yakisoba is popular and can be relatively often seen. This instant Yakisoba is actually a super spicy version of Peyang Sauce Yakisoba from Maruka Foods, one of the top-selling instant Yakisoba noodles in Japan.

Do you like spicy noodles? Today, for those of you who say yes to this question, here I will introduce this spiciest instant Yakisoba noodle in the Peyang series.


First off, since I actually made this instant Yakisoba following the instructions on the top lid, here I will talk about the cooking method briefly with photos.

First, remove the outer red plastic packaging and you will find the cooking instructions of this instant Yakisoba on the top lid.

Now, peel back the paper lid about halfway and take packets out from the container. Incidentally, the white one contains dried garnishes and the other contains super spicy Yakisoba sauce.

Add the contents of the white packet to the container. The dried garnish consists of cabbage and seasoned chicken bits, by the way. And you cook the Yakisoba noodles as the video below shows. If you want to know the basic way to cook instant Yakisoba in detail, this article will help.


Peyang Super Spicy Instant Yakisoba Noodles

Although the texts on the red packaging say that the instant Yakisoba is “Extremely Hot (激辛)” and “Spicy Level MAX (辛さレベルMAX)”, this instant Yakisoba is not that spicy to me. This is mainly because I am fond of eating spicy foods and in fact have tried various super spicy things before.

Since the base flavor of this instant Yakisoba is the same as that of the regular Peyang Sauce Yakisoba, the taste is quite good.

Peyang Geki-Kara Spicy Instant Yakisoba Ingredients

I’m not quite sure what the heat and spiciness of this instant Yakisoba come from, but the word “Habanero” can’t be found in the ingredient list, I guess it probably comes from red chili peppers.


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