Peyang’s Spiciest Instant Yakisoba Noodles

Since ramen is one of the comfort foods most familiar to us Japanese, if you shop at supermarkets or convenience stores in Japan, you will see a wide variety of instant ramen cups and packages lined up on the shelves in the instant noodles section.

As with ramen, Yakisoba is a representative of Japanese noodle dishes, so various kinds of instant Yakisoba noodles are also available at grocery stores in Japan.

Although there are a variety of spicy instant ramen available in Japan, Japanese instant noodles manufacturers hardly create spicy instant Yakisoba.

Despite that, out of a few varieties of spicy instant Yakisoba noodles, today I picked up my favorite one.

Peyang Super Spicy Instant Yakisoba

Peyang Super Spicy Instant Yakisoba

It is Peyang Super Spicy Yakisoba ( that I purchased this time. This instant Yakisoba is a super spicy version of the regular Peyang instant Yakisoba ( that is known as one of the best-selling instant Yakisoba noodles in Japan.

This spicy instant Yakisoba is a relatively new product released by Maruka Foods, but it has gained deep-rooted popularity in Japan now. Therefore, I sometimes see this one being sold in supermarkets and drugstores.

For those who are interested in spicy instant Yakisoba, here I will introduce this popular item.

How to Cook Peyang Instant Yakisoba Noodles

First, let me explain how to cook the instant Yakisoba with photos.

When you remove the outer plastic package, you find the cooking instructions of this instant Yakisoba on the paper lid.

Then, peel back the lid about halfway and take the 2 packets out from the container. The white one contains dried ingredients (toppings) and the other contains super spicy Yakisoba sauce.

Open the white packet and add its contents to the container. The topping of this Peyang instant Yakisoba consists of cabbage and seasoned chicken bits. Then, you make this instant Yakisoba as the video below shows.

If you want to know the basic way to cook instant Yakisoba in detail, this article will help.


Peyang Super Spicy Instant Yakisoba Noodles

Since I am fond of eating spicy foods and have tried various spicy things before, I found this one is not super spicy but pretty spicy to me, though, the description on the red package says the instant Yakisoba is “Super Spicy (激辛)” and “Spicy Level MAX (辛さレベルMAX)”.

Just after starting to eat it, the Yakisoba noodles taste like non-spicy-version Peyang instant Yakisoba. It takes a while for the spiciness to kick in.

Peyang Instant Yakisoba Ingredient List

I don’t know what ingredients are used for its spiciness from the description, but as I didn’t find the word “Habanero” in the ingredient list, I guess this Yakisoba’s spiciness probably comes from red chili pepper.

The taste of this Yakisoba is just as great as that of regular Peyang instant Yakisoba, so if you love spicy stuff, this one is a recommended item to you.

Because I have never eaten instant Yakisoba noodles that are spicier than this in the past, I think this Peyang Super Spicy Yakisoba is one of the spiciest instant Yakisoba noodles in Japan as of now.

Peyang Super Spicy Instant Yakisoba Noodles


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