2 Kinako Mochi Snacks that are Popular in Japan

Roasted soybean flour, “Kinako (きな粉)” is a traditional Japanese food commonly prepared for Japanese sweets and candies and is available unseasoned at almost any supermarket in Japan.

Therefore, when we use Kinako flour in cooking, it is sometimes sweetened with sugar. Because of that, there are many variations of sweet treats using Kinako in Japan, including Tirol Choco Kinako Mochi I introduced in the past.

Tirol Choco Kinako MochiTirol Choco Kinako Mochi

Kinako Mochi rice cakeKinako Mochi rice cake

Although actual Kinako Mochi is a sticky plain glutinous rice cake coated in sweetened Kinako flour like the above, Tirol Choco Kinako Mochi is a small chocolate candy with a Kinako Mochi like gummy candy filling.

Kinako Mochi Snacks

When it comes to Kinako Mochi, there also exist rice snacks called “Kinako Mochi” in Japan. Like Tirol Chocolate Kinako Mochi, the Kinako Mochi snack also doesn’t use real “Mochi (餅)” rice cake.

The Kinako Mochi snack comes in a number of varieties, but the one produced and sold by “Iwatsuka Seika (岩塚製菓)” Confectionery and the one from “Echigo Seika (越後製菓)” Confectionery are especially popular in Japan.

Both Iwatsuka Seika and Echigo Seika have their headquarters in the city of Nagaoka, Niigata, by the way.

The prefecture where I live, Niigata is famous as a rice production area in Japan so it boasts various specialties made with rice, such as rice crackers and Sake rice wine.

Let’s get back on track. Actually, Iwatsuka Seika’s Kinako Mochi snack and Echigo Seika’s Kinako Mochi snack are quite different from each other, so here let me show you the difference.

Iwatsuka Seika Kinako Mochi Snack

Iwatsuka Seika Kinako Mochi

The product from Iwatsuka Seika has 24 pieces of Kinako Mochi rice crackers in the package. Each snack is individually packed and entirely coated with sweet Kinako flour.

Iwatsuka Seika Kinako Mochi Snack

This Kinako Mochi snack is characterized by its light crispy texture and you get a gentle, mellow sweetness from the Kinako powder coating. Since the cracker itself is made from non-glutinous rice, the staple food of the Japanese, it can be said that this treat is a kind of Senbei.

Echigo Seika Kinako Mochi Snack

Echigo Seika Funwari Meijin Kinako Mochi

The Kinako Mochi snack from Echigo Seika called “Funwari Meijin (ふんわり名人: loosely meaning the master at forming fluffy things)” is popular for its super fluffy texture. Because of that, once you put the rice snack in the mouth, it quickly melts away. 

Echigo Seika Kinako Mochi Snack

In contrast to the former Kinako Mochi snack, the main ingredient in this Kinako Mochi is glutinous rice. Hence, it could be said that this one is a kind of Okaki.


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