4 Best Lead Breakage Prevention Mechanical Pencils

Today, various types of mechanical pencils with useful high-quality functions can be seen and the representative example includes automatic mechanical pencils. 

In addition to them, in Japan, actually, mechanical pencils that prevent the lead from breaking easily are also popular.

Best Japanese Lead Breaking Prevention Mechanical Pencils

Of course, a number of Japanese stationery makers, such as Zebra and Pentel, have been developing pens of that kind.

And today out of those, let me introduce the 4 best mechanical pencils that protect the lead from easy breakage.

1. Pentel Orenz 

Pentel Orenz Mechanical Pencil

Featuring a mechanism that keeps the lead from breaking, Pentel Orenz is a popular series of mechanical pencils that come in 0.2 mm, 0.3 mm, and 0.5 mm lead sizes. 

With this writing instrument, you can write letters in the state that the lead doesn’t stick out of the pen. Actually, the sleeve retracts little by little as the lead is consumed in writing.

This pen has a smooth tip end like a ballpoint pen, which also helps prevent the lead from breaking easily.

2. Pilot Mogulair

Pilot Mogulair Mechanical Pencil

Pilot Mogulair is a mechanical pencil with a mechanism called “Active Suspension” which protects the lead from easy breakage. 

Even if you apply strong writing pressure on it, in accordance with that, the mechanism retracts the pen tip into the body and absorbs the impact.

As, when strong force is applied, the pen tip slides obliquely, this pen is strong against the pressure from the sides. 

Further, by shaking it, the lead advances automatically, and that can make the user feel comfortable in writing.

3. Zebra Delguard

Zebra Del Guard Mechanical Pencil

Zebra Delguard is a best-selling Japanese mechanical pencil that has sold over 20 million units since it went on the market.

This pen has a great reputation in Japan, and in fact, many people have said on the internet that Zebra Delguard is the strongest pen against pressure from all sides. 

Against the pressure from the vertical direction, this pen protects the lead by absorbing the impact using its innerspring. 

When the force is applied from the horizontal direction, the metal part of the pen tip comes out automatically and protects the lead.

4. Platinum OLEeNU

Platinum OLEeNU Mechanical Pencil

Platinum OLEeNU is a popular mechanical pencil in Japan, featuring the double structure inside the pen tip cover called “OLEeNU Shield” which prevents the lead from breaking easily.

Its innerspring also absorbs strong writing pressure, and other than the time of writing, the shockproof function in the pen body protects the lead from impact.


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