Cut Yocchan – The most famous fish (squid) paste Dagashi snack

When it comes to classic Japanese snacks, the snack made from fish paste is one of the representative genres, and for that matter, most of the Japanese fish paste snacks belong to the genre called “Dagashi (駄菓子)”.

As you may know, Dagashi is the generic name for Japanese cheap and relatively small snacks and candies.Regarding fish paste Dagashi snacks, I posted an article about Kabayaki-san Taro (蒲焼さん太郎), one of long-selling Dagashi items, before.

In fact, Kabayaki-san Taro is a very famous fish paste Dagashi snack with a long history.However, if you ask Japanese people what is the most famous fish paste Dagashi snack in Japan, many will probably answer “Cut Yocchan”, or “Yocchan Ika”.

Cut Yocchan (Yocchan Ika) – The most famous fish (squid) paste Dagashi snack

Cut Yocchan (カットよっちゃん) (, also known as Yocchan Ika (よっちゃんイカ), is a long-selling Japanese fish paste snack released several decades ago.

I used to buy the Dagashi snack at a small Dagashi specialty shop near my house when I was a kid.Since most friends of mine and I loved this fish paste Dagashi snack, it can be said that Cut Yocchan was one of the most popular Dagashi snacks among us.

One of the reasons why this Dagashi snack is very popular among children is that a lottery is included in the corner of this package.

If the Japanese word meaning “You won the lottery”, “あたり” appears, you can get one more Cut Yocchan for free at the shop where you purchased it.But this time, I lost the lottery because the word meaning “You lost the lottery”, “はずれ” appeared.

Unfortunately, according to the official website of Cut Yocchan, the maker plans to abolish this lottery at the end of this May.

The ingredients of Cut Yocchan (Yocchan Ika)

The nickname, Yocchan Ika indicates that the main ingredient of Cut Yocchan includes squid in addition to the flesh of fish, because the Japanese word, “Ika (イカ)” means “squid”.Therefore strictly speaking, this paste consists of fish flesh and squid.

This Dagashi snack has a texture like soft Saki-ika, in other words, it is soft and chewy.It is seasoned with the combined seasoning unique to Japan “Sanbaizu (三杯酢)”, which is made with vinegar, soy sauce, and sugar.Thus, this Dagashi snack is somewhat vinegary in taste.

Conclusion : Cut Yocchan (Yocchan Ika)

Cut Yocchan has two types of products, big-size and regular-size.The regular product I bought this time is sold for 30 yen in Japan.As the snack is not only cheap and tasty, but it also has a lottery, Yocchan Ika is especially popular with children.

It is a pity that the maker is going to abolish the lottery, but the snack itself is quite unique in flavor and texture.If you want to know the nostalgic taste that many Japanese are familiar with, the Dagashi snack, Cut Yocchan is worth a try.


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