Why not coat Kaki no Tane (Kameda crisps) with Chocolate?

Kaki no Tane is a classic Japanese rice cracker that looks kind of like a persimmon seed, and that is also known as Kameda crisps or Kakipi. In fact, the Japanese snack name, “Kaki no Tane (柿の種)” is literally translated into English as persimmon seeds.

It is said that the reddish orange color of the rice cracker comes from red chili pepper and food colorings, and the rice snack is seasoned mainly with soy sauce and salt, so it is spicy and savory in taste with a little saltiness.

As for the flavor, there are many variations of Kaki no Tane available at supermarkets in Japan. Other than regular Kaki no Tane (Amazon.com), especially, wasabi-flavored one (Amazon.com) is popular.

What is more, there also exist Kaki no Tane snacks that are covered in some food. When it comes to this type, chocolate-coated Kaki no Tane is a standard item that is commonly eaten in Japan.

Kaki no Tane (Kameda crisps) matches well with chocolate

Specifically, there are various varieties of the chocolate, including strawberry and hojicha (ほうじ茶 : roasted green tea).

Actually, I picked up a chocolate-coated Kaki no Tane product today, which includes regular chocolate-coated ones and strawberry-chocolate-coated ones, along with banana chips, roasted almonds, and dried cranberries.

If the slightly spicy rice cracker is coated in chocolate, the sweetness of the chocolate overwhelms the spiciness and saltiness of the rice cracker, and you can hardly get these tastes from the sweet snack.

However, as the crunchy texture of the rice snack is perfectly left, the chocolate snack gives a good chewing sensation and a little bit of kick that come from the inside Kaki no Tane.

In brief, Kaki no Tane and chocolate unexpectedly make a great pair. It might be difficult to get these chocolate-coated Kaki no Tane in countries other than Japan, but don’t you want to try the great combination?

Why not coat Kaki no Tane with chocolate?

Actually, it is easy to make chocolate-coated Kaki no Tane. A simple way: Purchase regular Kaki no Tane (Amazon.com) and coat the rice crackers with chocolate. More specifically, the basic way to make the sweet rice snack is as follows.

  1. Break a chocolate bar into small pieces and microwave them until melted
  2. Put Kaki no Tane snacks in the chocolate sauce, and coat them well
  3. Cool them in a refrigerator until the chocolate hardens

The recipe is very easy, isn’t it? If you are interested in this Japanese snack recipe, it may be a good idea to try combining Kaki no Tane with various flavors of chocolate, and let’s find your favorite combinations!


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