Chocolate-Coated Kaki no Tane Rice Crackers

Kaki no Tane, also known as Kakipi or Kameda Crisps, is a Japanese rice cracker associated with the persimmon seed because of its orange color and the name meaning “persimmon seed”.

Kaki no Tane Rice Crackers

It is a slightly spicy, savory baked cracker, flavored with soy sauce and spiced with red chili pepper.

As Kaki no Tane has been a favorite of Japanese people for a long time, the snack is available in many varieties. The popular flavor includes wasabi and ume, and some even use chocolate.

Chocolate Kaki no Tane

Kameda Seika Chocolate Kaki no Tane Trail Mix

Speaking of chocolate Kaki no Tane, milk chocolate cream is most often used as its coating, and the flavor varies.

In fact, the trail mix from Kameda Seika includes strawberry chocolate-coated Kaki no Tane rice crackers, together with dried banana chips, roasted almonds, and dried cranberries.

In chocolate Kaki no Tane, the sweet taste from the coating mostly offsets the spiciness of Kaki no Tane, while the snack retains its pleasant crunch.


Chocolate-Coated Kaki no Tane Rice Crackers

It might be hard to get these chocolate-coated Kaki no Tane crackers outside of Japan, but don’t you want to try the combination?

The good news is the making is easy, like this. First, purchase regular Kaki no Tane. And then coat the crackers with melted chocolate, as follows.

  1. Break a bar of milk chocolate into small pieces and microwave until melted
  2. Then, put Kaki no Tane crackers into the chocolate sauce and coat well
  3. Cool the pieces in the refrigerator until the chocolate coating solidifies

If you are interested in this recipe, let’s try combining Kaki no Tane rice crackers with various flavors of chocolate and find your favorite combinations!


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