Nissin Cup Noodles Singapore Laksa that I’m addicted to

A few months ago, I wrote about Nissin Cup Noodles Tom Yum Goong in this article. The Japanese instant cup ramen with Asian flavor is popular in Japan and I am fond of it even now.

As I wrote in the article, I had also loved another Asian-style instant cup ramen, Nissin Cup noodles Singapore Laksa. Although the Nissin’s instant cup ramen was temporarily unavailable when I posted the article, to my joy, Nissin has begun re-selling it recently.

Actually, I came across the instant cup ramen, Nissin Cup noodles Singapore Laksa, by accident when I went shopping at a drugstore near my office on the way home, so I picked it up.

Nissin Cup Noodles Singapore Laksa that I’m addicted to

I came to like Laksa noodles when I went on a sightseeing trip to Singapore. Considering the easy availability, Nissin Cup noodles Singapore Laksa ( is the best option for me when I have a craving for the Singapore noodles in Japan.

The ingredient of Nissin Cup Noodles Singapore Laksa

I love Nissin Cup Noodles Singapore Laksa mainly because of its tasty coconut-milk-flavored broth, which is slightly spicy and rich in flavor. The spicy coconut milk broth is complete after you add Laksa paste of the green bag as a final touch.

Speaking of the ingredient, from the description, you can see that the broth is made mainly from Laksa paste, coconut milk powder, salt, and spices. The topping of this instant cup ramen includes seasoned chicken, seasoned deep-fried tofu, seasoned egg bits, red chili pepper, and coriander.

How to make Nissin Cup Noodles Singapore Laksa (Instructions)

The way to make Nissin Singapore Laksa is almost the same as that of other Nissin Cup Noodles. Specifically, here are the instructions.

  1. Peel off the lid about halfway and pour boiling hot water
  2. Close the lid and let the green bag of Laksa paste warm on the lid
  3. 3 minutes later, remove the lid and add the Laksa paste to the cup
  4. Stir well and enjoy!

Conclusion : Nissin Cup Noodles Singapore Laksa

I really love the exotic flavor of Laksa. In fact, I’m addicted to this Nissin’s instant cup ramen these days. Nissin Japan developed this instant ramen in cooperation with an affiliated company in Singapore, so Nissin Cup Noodles Singapore Laksa has an authentic Laksa flavor.

If you like Asian foods, especially noodles, I think this Singapore-style instant cup ramen is worth a try.


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