Kanro Hoshiume – Popular Dried Seedless Umeboshi Plum Candy

Along with Japanese salted plums “Umeboshi (梅干し)”, I sometimes enjoy plain white rice, the staple food of the Japanese.The traditional Japanese food, Umeboshi plums are generally pretty salty and sour, so when I eat the salted plums and steamed white rice together, the plain taste of rice makes the saltiness and sourness of Umeboshi thinner and weaker.This is why plain white rice matches well with the salted plums and we Japanese love the combination.

Besides, not only does Umeboshi go well with rice, but the Japanese salted plum is also commonly used as a main ingredient for candies in Japan.In fact, I introduced various unique Umeboshi candies in my past articles before, such as Nobel Otoko Ume Gummy and Umeboshi Sheet.These Japanese candies are relatively new, modern ones, while there is also a classic Umeboshi candy that Japanese people have enjoyed for a long time.That is Hoshiume (干し梅)

What is Hoshiume (干し梅) ?

Hoshiume is the classic, simple Japanese candy made by drying the Umeboshi plums seasoned with sweet things like sugar.It is said that the dried Ume plum candy has its roots in southern China, including Taiwan and Southeast Asia.Hoshiume has a nice balance between sweetness and sourness and lots of citric acid.We usually eat the sweet dried Umeboshi plums as a candy without cooking, but some Japanese like to add those plums to alcoholic drinks such as Shochu (焼酎) and enjoy the drink with the smell and flavor of Hoshiume.Some Hoshiume products have a seed inside the candy, while others are seedless because the seed is removed in the producing process in order to make the candy easy to eat.

Kanro Hoshiume – Popular Dried Seedless Umeboshi Plum Candy

Today the classic Japanese candy, Hoshiume has been getting much easier to eat thanks to the debut of “Kanro Hoshiume (Amazon.com)”.It is a popular, modern Hoshiume product from Kanro (カンロ), a major Japanese confectionery maker.

The plastic zipper bag contains 7 (or so) Hoshiume candies.This Kanro’s dried Umeboshi candy is soft in texture, and in addition to a little saltiness it has a proper balance between sweetness and sourness as compared to its counterparts available at convenience stores in Japan.Of course, these Umeboshi candies are seedless.

The ingredients of Kanro Hoshiume

Kanro Hoshiume candies are made with almost the same ingredients as the ones produced with the traditional method.Specifically, the ingredient includes Ume plums, salt, glucose, dextrose syrup, and sweeteners including aspartame.

My review of Kanro Hoshiume

It is no exaggeration to say that the Kanro’s dried Umeboshi candy is the best modern Hoshiume for me.It is really easy to eat if you like the sourness of Umeboshi plums.I am fond of sucking on the candy for a while to savor the sweet taste of the Hoshiume.After that, I chew and finish it off.If you are curious about the classic Japanese dried Ume plum candy, Hoshiume, I will recommend this Kanro’s one.


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