Surume Somen: A Classic Squid Snack like Fine Noodles

When Japanese people think of the noodle dish that is perfect for summer, I think many will bring “Somen (素麺)” to mind. Somen are fine white noodles made from wheat flour and usually served chilled.

Somen NoodlesSomen Noodles

Actually, there are some Japanese foods similar in appearance to the Somen noodles, and they have the word “Somen” in their name to suggest that they are thin and long like Somen.

If I give a representative example of such Japanese foods, what comes to mind first is “Surume Somen (するめそうめん)”, which I picked up today for this blog article.

Surume Somen (するめそうめん)

Surume Somen

As I mentioned above, Somen is a thin and long wheat noodle, but do you know what “Surume (するめ)” is? If you know what it is, you will be able to imagine what kind of food Surume Somen is.

Actually, Surume is a traditional Japanese snack food made out of squid called “Surume Ika (スルメイカ)” that has been gutted and dried in the sun.

We usually toast the dried unseasoned whole squid in a toaster oven, shred by hand, and eat the strips dipping in mayonnaise.

Surume StripsSurume Dried Squid Snack

Now, you could picture what Surume Somen looks like. It is similar to Somen noodles and consists of fine stripes of dried squid. Thus, Surume Somen are much thinner than normal Surume strips as below.

Surume Somen Dried Squid Noodles

After grilling and seasoning whole Surume squid, it is cut into fine strips like these. Surume Somen is a simple snack with plenty of umami and is much easier to eat than normal Surume strips thanks to its thinness.


Surume Somen Dried Squid Snack Ingredients

Specifically, according to the ingredient list on the back of the package, this Surume Somen consists of squid, sugar, salt, sorbitol, and amino acids.

Where to Buy

Surume Somen is a classic Otsumami snack that has long been loved in Japan, so it is available in many supermarkets and convenience stores around the country.


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