Himi Udon: Udon Noodles Toyama Prefecture Boasts

As you might already know, “Sanuki Udon (讃岐うどん)” and “Inaniwa Udon (稲庭うどん)” are among the udon noodles generally regarded as Japan’s 3 Best Udon

As for the rest, the opinion varies from person to person; some say “Mizusawa Udon (水沢うどん)” is one of them, but others claim “Goto Udon (五島うどん)” is included in it.

Additionally, if I give another example of the candidates that can be selected as one of the 3 best udon noodles, the udon noodle Toyama Prefecture boasts, “Himi Udon (氷見うどん)” falls into that.

Himi Udon (氷見うどん)

Himi Udon

“Himi Udon (氷見うどん)” is a nationally famous udon noodle known as a specialty of Himi City in Toyama. 

This regional udon is said to have its roots in “Wajima Somen (輪島素麺)”, the somen noodles loved by the locals of Wajima City, Kanazawa Prefecture.

In 1751, a shop specializing in udon noodles in Himi, “Takaokaya (高岡屋)” first created the original Himi Udon called “Himi Ito Udon (氷見糸うどん)” (Amazon.co.jp) using the production method of Wajima Somen.

The shop’s hand-stretched udon is made by twisting noodles with hands through the production process without using oil. The resultant noodles have an excellent chew and feature their smooth slippery texture.

Although Himi Udon originates from Takaokaya’s Himi Ito Udon, the shop didn’t register its trademark. And now, an affiliated company of the udon shop “Kaizuya (海津屋)” possesses the trademark of Himi Udon.

Shop Information: Himi Udon Takaokaya Honpo

  • Address: 1-6-7 Ise-Oomachi, Himi City, Toyama Prefecture (MAP)
  • Open throughout the year: 7:30 to 19:30

Shop Information: Himi Udon Kaizuya

  • Address: 20 Kami-Izumi, Himi City, Toyama Prefecture (MAP)
  • Open: 9:00 to 18:30
  • Closed: January 1

(Reference Page: Wikipedia 氷見うどん )


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