Pure Gummy: Kanro’s Fruit Pulp-Like Gummy Candy

When I think of sweet treats from the Japanese confectionery company “Kanro (カンロ)”, the first thing that pops into my head is the Kanro Ame hard candy with the umami of soy sauce. Additionally, in recent years, the company had a big success with the product Kanro Kin no Milk.

Although Kanro is especially well-known for its hard candies in Japan, which also include cough drops, I’m fond of its gummies too. In fact, yesterday at a supermarket, I picked up my favorite gummy candy from the company.

Kanro Pure Gummies from Japan

Kanro Pure Gummy Grape

What I bought this time for the blog article is this Kanro Pure Gummy Grape Flavor. The first product of the Kanro’s “Pure Gummy (ピュレグミ)” line was introduced into the market in 2002, and now the Pure Gummy series has become a standard fruit gummy candy in Japan.


Kanro Pure Gummy Grape Candy

According to the official website of Kanro, currently, Kanro Pure Gummy comes in 4 regular flavors, that is, Rich Strawberry, Grape, Lemon, and Muscat.


Like fruit pulp, these gummies, Pure Gummy has a soft tender texture similar to that of earlobes, and the more it is chewed, the fruitier it becomes. Besides, the gummi is coated with a tangy powder which gives a pleasant refreshing sensation. It actually contains even collagen in addition to vitamin C.


Kanro Pure Gummy Grape Flavor Ingredients

Based on the ingredient list on the back of the package, the Kanro Pure Gummy Grape Flavor gummy candy mainly consists of sugar, starch syrup, gelatin, concentrated grape juice, collagen peptide, acidifier, pectin, calcium carbonate, flavoring, vitamin C, and grape pigment.


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