Bourbon’s Classic Cheese Okaki Rice Cracker

Cheese matches well with a wide range of foods, from meat to vegetables, and in Japan, it’s often used in snacks.

Many traditional or classic Japanese snacks are mainly flavored with soy sauce, and cheese works especially well with the seasoning that represents Japan.

So snack foods using both soy sauce and cheese have been widely enjoyed in Japan since a long time ago.

If I give a representative example of such Japanese treats, what comes to my mind right away is a long-selling rice cracker from Bourbon called “Cheese Okaki (チーズおかき)”.

Bourbon Cheese Okaki

Bourbon Cheese Okaki

This time I purchased that Bourbon’s Cheese Okaki, at the center of which mild processed cheese is placed. By the way, “Okaki (おかき)“, together with Senbei, is one of the most common types of Japanese rice crackers.

In Japan, there are many variations of Cheese Okaki, including this one I introduced before, but of all Cheese Okaki rice crackers, this product is the most famous.

Bourbon Cheese Okaki RIce Crackers

These Cheese Okaki crackers are made with savory soy sauce and mild, rich cheese cream. They have a pleasant crunch, and the processed cheese adds depth to the taste.

Cheese Okaki Crackers

As seen in the picture above, this snack consists of 2 different shapes of Okaki; one is like a doughnut, while the other has no hole on which cheese is placed. In the snack, cheese plays a role like glue.

Cheese Okaki from Bourbon

The combination of the mild flavorsome cheese cream and the savory soy sauce brushed Okaki is so good and addictive, and anyone from children to adults can casually enjoy it.


Bourbon Cheese Okaki Crackers Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories Label

This Japanese treat is a kind of “Okaki (おかき)“, so it is made mainly with glutinous rice called “Mochi-Gome (餅米)”.

The other ingredients used include starch, soy sauce, non-glutinous rice “Uruchi-Mai (うるち米)”, milk sugar, skim milk powder, sugar, processed cheese, fermented seasoning, mirin, bonito seasoning, and spices.


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