The No.1 Product in the Ranking of Okaki Rice Crackers

A few days ago I wrote an article about the difference between the 3 traditional Japanese rice crackers, Senbei, Okaki, and Arare. 

Among these, when it comes to Okaki rice crackers, I think Bourbon Cheese Okaki is one of the most popular and best-recognized Okaki rice crackers in Japan. 

In fact, with over 30 years of history, today the product is widely enjoyed as an afternoon snack with green tea.

Bourbon Cheese Okaki

As you can see in the photo above, Bourbon Cheese Okaki has rich cheese cream in the center part, while the Okaki rice cracker around the cheese has a savory, mild soy sauce flavor.

The combination is exquisite, making the overall snack addictive.

The Number 1 Cheese Okaki in the Weekly Rakuten Ranking

Actually, in recent years, emulating Bourbon Cheese Okaki, some Japanese food companies are creating new types of cheese Okaki rice crackers.

I am fond of cheese Okaki in general, so the other day when I went out shopping, I bought the pictured product whose name is “Torokeru Cheese (とろけるチーズ: cheese meant for melting) Okaki”.

This is the first time I picked it up. I was drawn to the large text saying that the product has taken first place in the weekly Rakuten ranking of Okaki rice crackers 188 times.

By the way, “Rakuten (楽天)” is one of the largest Japanese online shopping sites, together with Amazon Japan.

Torokeru Cheese Okaki Rice Crackers

Torokeru Cheese Okaki Rice Crackers

Now let’s see the contents. These Torokeru Cheese Okaki rice crackers are quite different from Bourbon Cheese Okaki in that they are coated with cheese powder instead of having cheese cream in the center.

Their cheese coating has a mild yet rich camembert flavor, while the Okaki cracker inside is lightly salted.


The overall snack was pretty good, but after the sampling, I found Bourbon Cheese Okaki still my best.

This is mainly because the classic cheese Okaki is not only delicious but it has a very familiar taste to me.


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