Comparison: Nissin Cup Noodles vs Assari Oishii Noodles

Nissin Cup Noodle (Soy Sauce flavor) is known as the world’s first instant cup ramen and today widely enjoyed in countries around the world.

The original soy sauce flavor of the Cup Noodle went on the market in 1971 and now its series has become popular all over the world and comes in numerous flavors that differ depending on each country.

Actually, in 2006, Nissin introduced Nissin Soup Noodle in Japan, which was very similar in many respects to Cup Noodles.

Unfortunately, the Soup Noodle line went out of production this year, but instead this April, the manufacturer started to sell the successor series Nissin Assari Sukuname Noodle.

Nissin Cup Noodle vs Assari Sukuname Noodle


Actually, the contents of these Nissin “Assari Sukuname (あっさり少なめ)” cup ramens are almost the same as that of Nissin Soup Noodles, and they have nearly the same ingredients as Nissin Cup Noodles.

Specifically, they are different from Nissin Cup Noodles in that the amount of noodles is less than Cup Noodles. While the regular Nissin Cup Noodles contain 65g noodles, these newcomers only have 50g of noodles.

In terms of the name, the words, “Assari (あっさり)” and “Sukuname (少なめ)” respectively mean “light (taste)” and “a less amount” in Japanese, and in fact, the soup broth of the Assari Sukuname ramen is light in taste compared to Nissin Cup Noodles.

Nissin Assari Oishii Cup Noodle Seafood

It is said that the light taste of the Assari Sukuname ramen comes from the small amount of noodles because according to that the cup must be filled with complementary water.

Instead, the Assari Sukuname ramen is less in calories, healthier, and is said to target female and elderly customers. Its suggested retail price is just 125 yen, which is cheaper than that of regular Nissin Cup Noodles (180 yen).

By the way, Nissin changed the brand name “Assari Sukuname (あっさり少なめ: light and a less amount)” to “Assari Oishii (あっさりおいしい: light and delicious)” recently, but the contents and price remain unchanged.


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