Shoyu Ame: Classic Japanese Soy Sauce Candy

When it comes to hard candy that represents Japan, I think Sakuma Drops is especially well known in the world, because the Japanese fruit candy appears in the hit anime movie released in 1988 by Studio Ghibli “Hotaru no Haka”, or “Grave of the Fireflies”.

Shoyu Ame (しょうゆ飴)

Meanwhile, when I think of hard candy unique to Japan that is widely enjoyed by us Japanese of all generations, what comes to my mind right away is “Shoyu Ame (しょうゆ飴)”, literally soy sauce candy.

Although you might imagine from its name that the Japanese soy sauce-flavored hard candy, Shoyu Ame is salty rather than sweet, it isn’t salty at all but has a gentle sweetness that everyone can like.

Since today I picked up one of the best and most loved Shoyu Ame in Japan in a supermarket near my house, here I will introduce it.

Kanro Ame (カンロ飴)

Kanro Ame Japanese Soy Sauce Candy

The quintessential Japanese Shoyu Ame I bought this time is this “Kanro Ame (カンロ飴)“, a soy sauce-flavored hard candy introduced by the Japanese food company “Kanro (カンロ)” in 1954.

These Kanro’s signature soy sauce candies are individually wrapped, and the plastic wrapper can easily be unwrapped by pulling both sides at the same time.

Kanro's Shoyu Ame

The classic Japanese treat, Kanro Ame has a small spherical (ball) shape and features its semitransparent golden hue that comes mainly from the main ingredient, Shoyu, or soy sauce.

Kanro Ame Japanese Soy Sauce Candy

As you can see from the red roman text on the package front, Kanro Ame is a piece of sweet soy sauce candy produced by making the most of the umami taste of the special soy sauce meant for it.


Kanro Ame Japanese Soy Sauce Candy Ingredients

Kanro Ame is a good and old, simple hard candy made only from 4 ingredients, sugar, starch syrup, soy sauce, and salt. It contains no scents or coloring, so you can serve it to your children without worries.


If you are a candy lover, the classic Japanese soy sauce candy, Shoyu Ame is a must-try. In fact, the hard candy Kanro Ame has been a favorite of Japanese people for more than 60 years.

It contains plenty of umami of soy sauce and has a gentle, rich sweetness that you won’t get tired of. What is better, the sweet taste doesn’t linger in the mouth, so the aftertaste is also good. 


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