Meaning: Donburi (Don) vs Donburi-Bachi vs Donburi-Mono


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  1. English man says:

    What is donmono or don? Its called this in s01e06 of shokugeki no souma but i cant find any info on google about just “donmono”? Ive found donbashimono and oyakodon. So now im just confused 🤔

    • Tomo says:

      Thank you for the comment!

      The Japanese word “丼” has 2 readings, Donburi and Don, and the term Don-mono is written as “丼物” in Kanji Chinese characters.
      Hence, Donburi-mono and Don-mono have the same meaning.

      In the same way, Don-Bachi-Mono is written as “丼鉢物” in Kanji. Japanese rarely use the term “Don-Bachi-Mono (丼鉢物)” in daily life, but I guess the term refers to rice dishes served in Donburi-Bachi, in other words Donburi-mono.

      “Oyakodon (親子丼)” is a common Japanese rice bowl dish known as chicken and egg bowl in English. Donburi-Mono includes Oyakodon, Katsudon, Tendon, Gyudon, Kaisendon and so on, because these Japanese rice bowl dishes are served in Donburi-Bachi.

      I hope this will help.

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