Instant Noodles with Real Gold Celebrating New Era Reiwa

Yesterday I shopped at a drugstore and found a cup of instant Yakisoba noodles that drew my interest.

Its packaging had a golden color differentiated from its counterparts, looking like a memorial item.

Memorial Instant Yakisoba with Real Gold from Peyang

Memorial Instant Yakisoba Noodles with Real Gold from Peyang

I bought one, and after returning home, I researched the product online and found that Maruka Foods created it to celebrate Japan’s new era Reiwa (令和).

The Peyang Sauce Yakisoba is a limited-time edition with real gold, which is why the outer plastic packaging is golden.

It went on the market on April 8, 2019, and its suggested retail price is 250 yen. (For your reference, regular Peyang Sauce Yakisoba is 170 yen).


When I removed the outer packaging, the cooking directions appeared as usual. Then, I peeled the lid and found four packets on the dried wheat noodle block.

Three out of the four were the same as what is in the regular Peyang Sauce Yakisoba, and the rest, the extra one, amazingly contained gold particles.


The cooking was also almost the same as the regular Peyang Sauce Yakisoba. The only difference came from sprinkling the gold as a finishing touch.

Can you see where the gold powder is? As everyone knows, gold is expensive. So the amount of it for this Yakisoba was so little.


Yakisoba Noodles with Real Gold Particles

Gold is tasteless, and the amount was so little that the taste was just the same as regular Peyang Sauce Yakisoba.

But the particles just turned the usual tasty noodles into a memorial item for the new era Reiwa (令和)!


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