Memorial Inastant Noodles with Gold Celebrating Japan’s New Era

Yesterday when I went shopping at a drugstore near my workplace for the first time in a while, I found an instant Yakisoba noodle cup that attracted my interest in the instant noodles section, so I put the instant Yakisoba in a shopping basket and purchased it.

The reason why the product grabbed my heart is that it had a golden package different in appearance from others and looked like a memorial item.

Yes, it was an instant Yakisoba introduced by Maruka Food, a Japanese instant noodles manufacturer well-known for its long-selling “Peyang Sauce Yakisoba” (, celebrating the Japan’s new era “Reiwa (令和)”.

Peyang’s Memorial Instant Yakisoba Noodle Cup with Gold Powder for Reiwa

This is what I bought this time. It is a limited instant Yakisoba noodle cup with real GOLD from Peyang Sauce Yakisoba series. This is why the outer plastic package of  this product is golden.

This instant Yakisoba was released on April 8, 2019, and its suggested retail price is 250 yen, somewhat pricey as compared to that (170 yen) of the original Peyang Sauce Yakisoba.

When I removed its outer package, the cooking instructions for this instant Yakisoba noodles appeared as usual.

Then, I peeled off the paper lid about halfway and took the above 4 plastic packets out from the container. 3 out of the 4 are the same as the ones for regular Peyang Sauce Yakisoba, and extra one contains gold powder!

How to make it 

Therefore, the cooking method of this instant Yakisoba is almost the same as that of regular Peyang Sauce Yakisoba. The only difference is that you sprinkle gold powder over the Yakisoba noodles as a final touch.

Can you see where the gold powder is? Gold is expensive, so the amount of gold powder for this Yakisoba is little.


Gold powder is tasteless. Besides, its amount is little, so as you can imagine easily, there is nothing different in taste between this limited Peyang Sauce Yakisoba and the regular one ( The gold powder just turns usual tasty Yakisoba noodles into a memorial item for the Japan’s new era “Reiwa (令和)”.


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