Comparison: Potato Farm Jaga Pokkuru vs Calbee Jagabee

When it comes to fried potato sticks available in the snack and candy section of supermarkets in Japan, Calbee Jagariko and Calbee Jagabee are especially popular products.

As their names indicate, they are both manufactured and sold by the leading Japanese snack food company, Calbee.

Calbee Jagariko Fried Potato Sticks Salad FlavorCalbee Jagariko Fried Potato Sticks Salad Flavor

In fact, Jagariko and Jagabee are the 2 best-selling potato fries of Calbee, and they are different primarily in texture.

The Jagariko potato stick has a somewhat hard, crispy texture, while the Jagabee potato stick has a soft crunchy texture.

Rather than Jagariko, Jagabee is very close to Jaga Pokkuru potato fries. Jaga Pokkuru is also a product by Calbee but sold under the brand name of Potato Farm. 

Potato Farm Jaga Pokkuru vs Calbee Jagabee Potato Fries 

Today, in order to compare the difference, I have both Potato Farm Jaga Pokkuru and Calbee Jagabee.

Both the potato fries are lightly salted, and at first glance, they appear to be the same thing.


Potato Farm Jaga Pokkuru and Calbee Jagabee Ingredients

So I checked the ingredient lists first. According to the descriptions and also Wikipedia Japan, Jaga Pokkuru is made from 100% Hokkaido-grown Non-GMO potatoes, while Jagabee is made with North American Non-GMO potatoes.

As for seasoning, Jaga Pokkuru uses special natural salt made from seawater from the Sea of Okhotsk. Meanwhile, it seems that Jagabee is seasoned with common salt because there is no note on that.

Taste and Texture 

Calbee Jagabee Potato Fries

Nonetheless, Calbee Jagabee tastes so good with the right amount of salt. These potato sticks look fresh and are pleasantly crunchy like french fries.

Potato Farm Jaga Pokkuru Potato Fries

On the other hand, the potato sticks of Potato Farm Jaga Pokkuru are deep-fried with the skin intact to retain the flavor of it, so they look homemade.

I think Jaga Pokkuru has almost the same texture as Jagabee, but I felt the former is a little tastier thanks to its special salt.


In terms of costs, the suggested retail price of Potato Farm Jaga Pokkuru (180 g) is 885 yen (about 8.1 USD), while that of Calbee Jagabee (80 g) is 227 yen (about 2.1 USD).

In price per 1 gram, the former (4.92 yen) is higher than the latter (2.84 yen).

Where to Buy 

Nowadays, they are both available on However basically, Potato Farm Jaga Pokkuru is sold only locally in Hokkaido, the northernmost prefecture of Japan, where the snack is popular as a souvenir or gift.

In contrast, Calbee Jagabee is a more casual, everyday snack that can be bought at most supermarkets around the country.


Although Potato Farm Jaga Pokkuru is pricey compared to Calbee Jagabee, they are very similar in taste and texture. But if I had to choose one, I would say I like Jaga Pokkuru better. 


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