Calbee Jagabee: One of Japan’s Best Potato Stick Snacks

As you may know, Calbee is Japan’s largest snack food manufacturer. According to their latest financial report, the top 3 product lines with large sales amounts are as follows.

  1. Calbee Potato Chips
  2. Calbee Jagariko
  3. Calbee Jagabee and Jaga Pokkuru

These are all potato snacks. Specifically, the Calbee Potato Chips line literally consists of potato chips products, while the others are stick-shaped potato fries.

Since I wrote about Calbee Jagariko potato sticks in this article before, today I will talk about the Jagabee series ranked third.

Calbee Jagabee (カルビー じゃがビー)

Calbee Jagabee Usu-Shio

The other day, I went shopping at a supermarket near my house and bought the Calbee Jagabee shown in the picture above.

The Japanese potato snack, Jagabee was first introduced in 2006 by Calbee, and today its line-up is made up of 7 regular products, which include the one I purchased this time with a lightly salted flavor (うすしお味).

Calbee Jagabee Potato Sticks

Since these potato fries are made by deep-frying potatoes with skin, you can see a dark brown potato stick in the picture above.

I love both Calbee Jagariko and Jagabee, which are available in most supermarkets around the country. Meanwhile, Jaga Pokkuru is a product marketed only in Hokkaido.

Jagbee vs Jagariko (Jagarico)

Calbee Jagabee Potato Fries

One primary difference between Calbee Jagariko (Jagarico) and Jagabee is texture. The Jagariko potato fries are crispy, somewhat hard compared to Jagabee, while these potato sticks have a pleasant crunchy bite.

Therefore, when shopping, I choose one of them depending on my mood. As a result, this time, I grabbed the lightly salted Jagabee.

Calbee Jagabee, together with Jagariko, is one of the best-selling fried potato sticks in Japan. So if you are interested in Japanese potato stick snacks, these potato fries are must-try items.


Calbee Jagabee Usushio Lightly Salted Flavor Ingredients

Lastly, let’s the specific ingredients. Based on the list, the Calbee Jagabee potato stick consists of Non-GMO potato, vegetable oil, salt, corn starch, Kombu (kelp) seaweed extract powder, yeast extract powder, amino acid seasoning, and vitamin C.


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