Sakeru Cheese and Sakeru Gummy : What types of foods are they?

“Sakeru Cheese (さけるチーズ)” and “Sakeru Gummy (さけるグミ)” are popular foods that became topics of conversation in Japan.

Yukijirushi Megmilk Sakeru Cheese

Sakeru Cheese is the name of natural cheese products produced and sold by Yukijirushi Megmilk, which are available at almost any supermarket in Japan.

UHA Mikakuto Sakeru Gummy Candy

On the other hand, Sakeru Gummy are gummy candies with a certain characteristic that are produced and sold by UHA Mikakuto. They are sold mainly in convenience stores.

What types of foods are Sakeru Cheese and Sakeru Gummy?

Sakeru Cheese

If you know what the Japanese word “Sakeru (さける)” means, you could imagine what types of foods Sakeru Cheese and Sakeru Gummy are.

The Meaning of Sakeru 

Actually, the meaning of the Japanese word “Sakeru” is “splittable”. As this meaning suggests, you can easily pull off strips vertically from the cheese stick with hands.

As with the Sakeru string cheese, you can easily tear Sakeru Gummy Candy to pieces along its ridges.

In Conclusion

Sakeru Cheese and Sakeru Gummy are not only interesting and fun, but the former is rich in flavor and goes well with beer, while the latter also tastes good and can make children excited and satisfied.

Since Sakeru Cheese are available at most supermarkets in Japan and Sakeru Gummy can be bought in convenience stores, if you are interested and get a chance, why not try them?


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