Sakeru Gummy: UHA’s Popular Splittable Candy

When it comes to gummy candy, the majority of gummies available in Japan have a somewhat hard chewy texture, but some Japanese confectionery companies always try to think outside the box and are creating new, novel types of gummy candies.

In recent years, representative examples of such Japanese gummies are “Kororo (コロロ)” and “Sakeru Gummy (さけるグミ)”, both from UHA Mikakuto. Kororo is one of my favorite gummy candies. As seen in the video above, it is a soft, real fruit-like gummy candy.

UHA Mikakuto Sakeru Gummy Candy 

UHA Mikakuto Sakeru Gummy Grape

On the other hand, I had never tried Sakeru Gummy until today, even though several years have passed since it went on the market. This is mainly because Sakeru Gummy appears to be sugary rather than fruity and I assumed it just a playful candy for kids.

As you might already know, UHA Mikakuto Sakeru Gummy are actually splittable gummy candies that have become a topic of conversation in Japan for the last few years.

Sakeru Gummy Candy Grape Flavor

UHA Mikakuto Sakeru Gummy Candy Grape

The Sakeru Gummy is a soft, flat, rectangle fruit-flavored gummy candy that comes in 2 types; the regular version I bought this time at a 7 Eleven convenience store, and the long-length version well-known by the TV commercial character called “Long Long Man” with as long as 50 cm length!

The Meaning of “Sakeru (さける)”

In the name of this Japanese candy, the word “Sakeru (さける)” means “splittable”, and as its meaning indicates, you can effortlessly tear the sheet of gummy candy into thin strips along its ridges.

So as with Sakeru Gummy, the Yukijirushi-Megmilk’s long-selling natural cheese product shown in the video above “Sakeru Cheese (さけるチーズ)” can also be easily split. 


The regular Sakeru Gummy I purchased this time contains 7 individually packed grape-flavored gummy candies, and on the back of the bag, you can find tips on how to enjoy these gummies.


As mentioned above, this was my first try of Sakeru Gummy, but unexpectedly, it was fruity and tasty with the right amount of sugar, and I thought it can make adults satisfied as well as being a great treat for children.


Sakeru Gummy Candy Grape Flavor Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Lastly, for those who are curious about the ingredients and nutrition facts, here they are. According to the lists, with 18 kcal per one sheet (4.7 grams), the Sakeru Gummy Grape Flavor Candy consists of sugar, starch syrup, collagen, concentrated grape juice, sterilized lactic acid bacterium bodies (10 billion faecalis bacteria), dextrin, cellulose, acidifier, color (purple carrot), and sweeteners (aspartame, L-phenylalanine). 


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