Muraoka no Chorogi: A Unique Japanese Pickle Snack

Karikari Ume is one of the most commonly eaten pickle snacks in Japan, about which I wrote an article before. Made with unripe ume plums and featuring a pleasant crisp bite, Karikari Ume are pickled ume plums that are different from Umeboshi plums

Actually, what I introduce here, the Japanese pickle snack “Muraoka no Chorogi (ムラオカのチョロギ)” is also characterized by its nicely crisp texture like Karikari Ume, but what kind of pickle snack is it?

Muraoka no Chorogi (ムラオカのチョロギ)

Muraoka no Chorogi

The Japanese pickle snack “Chorogi (チョロギ)” was introduced in September 2017 by Muraoka Foods. Although I’m a Japanese man, born and grew up in Japan, I didn’t know what Chorogi is until now, so I googled it.

What is Chorogi?

According to the result, the synonym or English word for Chorogi is Chinese artichoke, which is a perennial herbaceous plant of the family Lamiaceae originating from China.

Chinese artichokeImage: Wikipedia チョロギ

The tuberous root of Chinese artichoke is edible and can be eaten as it is. In Japan, the root vegetable, Chorogi is often pickled in salt, seasoned and colored with ume vinegar or red shiso (perilla) vinegar.

Red Pickled Chorogi

The red pickled Chorogi is actually known as one of the “Osechi Ryori (おせち料理)” special dishes prepared for the new year in Japan.

Muraoka’s Chorogi Pickle Snack

Muraoka Pickled Chorogi

As with the Osechi-version Chorogi, this Japanese pickle snack, Muraoka’s Chorogi also has a red color and is seasoned with salt and ume vinegar. So it is essentially the same thing as the Osechi-version Chorogi. 

This is why, with these red pickled Chorogi, you can enjoy one of Japan’s Osechi dishes whenever you want to. By the way, the snack Muraoka no Chorogi is somewhat vinegary but has a refreshing acidic taste. 


Muraoka no Chorogi Ingredients

According to the ingredient list on the back of the package, the Muraoka no Chorogi pickle snack mainly consists of Chinese artichoke, high-fructose corn syrup, ume vinegar, salt, fermented seasoning, yeast extract, alcohol, amino acids, acidifier, flavoring, sorbic acid, and color (red).

Where to Buy

Muraoka Chorogi Pickle Snack

The Japanese pickle snack, Muraoka no Chorogi is available at many supermarkets and convenience stores around the country.


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  1. Robert Jenkins says:

    I grow this plant at home. I cannot find the pickles for sale on any of the sites that sell Japanese products. I wish someone would sell this for purchase to us in the United States. Thank-you for your article on this interesting treat.

    • Tomo says:

      Thank you for commenting.
      I also wish someone would sell it overseas. The Japanese snack is quite distinctive not only in shape but also in taste.
      But because of its unique taste, I think you will either love it or hate it.

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