What is Monaka Azuki Ice Cream?

A little while ago, I had some stuff to do and went out by car. On the way home, I stopped by a 7 Eleven convenience store near my house and picked up a package of ice cream together with several kinds of snacks and soft drinks.

Since I think the ice cream I bought today is unique to Japan, this time I will introduce the product.

Seven&i Premium Gold Kin no Monaka Azuki Ice Cream 

Seven Premium Gold Kin no Monaka Azuki Ice Cream

Monaka Ice Cream

What I enjoyed just a while ago is this Monaka Azuki Ice Cream from Seven Eleven’s Seven&i Premium Gold line. For the unfamiliar with Japanese food, “Monaka (最中)” is a traditional Japanese confection consisting of sweet stuff covered in 2 thin crisp rice wafers. 

Originally, the Japanese sweet, Monaka is filled with sweetened Azuki red bean paste called “Anko (餡子)“, but in addition to that, various sweet things can be the filling, among which ice cream is one of the representatives.

The most common filling for the Monaka Ice Cream is vanilla ice cream and sometimes a thin chocolate bar or sweet Azuki red bean paste is added to the ice cream. 

As for this Monaka Ice Cream, as you can see in the photo above, the filling has a two-layer structure; The upper part consists of chunky coarse Anko paste, while smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream is placed on the lower part.

The combination of the refined sweetness of the Azuki bean paste and the refreshing creaminess of the vanilla ice cream is great, making the overall Monaka Ice Cream a fabulous sweet treat.


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