Wagyu Steak vs Wafu Steak : What is the Difference?

When I eat out, in many cases I go to one of my favorite ramen shops, sometimes to a Japanese or Chinese restaurant. In addition, our family hardly eat steak at home, so I have little opportunity to have beef steak in my daily life.

By the way, speaking of beef steak, have you ever heard of the 2 types of beef steak that represent Japan, “Wagyu steak (和牛ステーキ)” and “Wafu steak (和風ステーキ)”?

The Difference between Wagyu Steak and Wafu Steak 

Wagyu and Wafu are similar Japanese words, but Wagyu steak and Wafu steak are partly different things. Then, what is the difference between them?

“Wagyu (和牛)” Steak


Actually, the Japanese term, Wagyu can be divided into 2 words, Wa and Gyu. The former “Wa (和)” has a meaning of the adjective “Japanese” in this case, while the latter “Gyu (牛)” means “beef cattle”. 

Therefore, Wagyu steak is what is made with a slice of meat from Japanese beef cattle and representative Wagyu brands include Matsusaka beef, Kobe beef, Maezawa beef, Omi beef, and Tajima beef.

The method of cooking Wagyu steak is varied and includes both Western style and Japanese style ones.

“Wafu (和風)” Steak 

Wafu Steak

As with Wagyu, the Japanese term, Wafu can be divided into 2 words, “Wa (和)” meaning the adjective “Japanese” and “Fu (風)” meaning “style” in this case. 

Therefore, Wafu steak is the beef steak characteristic of Japan in which ponzu sauce, wasabi, grated Daikon radish, soy sauce and mirin, and so on are typically used.

Wafu steak can be made with slices of beef from various countries. But if the Japanese-style steak is made cooking a slice of Wagyu meat, in addition to being a Wafu steak, the beef steak is also a Wagyu steak.

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